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Mar 21, 1998 12:13 PM

Geary at Larkin--safe enough?

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Looks like a lot of us are planning trips to San
Francisco this summer. We're going in mid-July.
Would love any suggestions from locals re interesting,
moderate, ethnic food. Especially "real" Chinatown
places (where the Chinese people eat, not those fancy
joints with white tablecloths); Thai, Vietnamese,

Another question: We have reservations at the DaysInn
Downtown-Theatre District location, at Geary and
Larkin. I see from my map that that's in or close to
the Tenderloin District. Anyone know whether this
location would be someplace where we'd feel
uncomfortable walking around at night?


Chris in Long Island, NY (who is finally succeeding in
actually dragging my husband someplace!)

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  1. I'm not familiar with Larkin, so I can't help with the hotel.

    My favorite SF restaurant is Fina Estampa, a Peruvian restaurant on Mission. Try their ceviche, fish soup, steak and potatoes (great home cooking) or anything else that suits your fancy. The waiters are terrific, too.