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Mar 20, 1998 09:54 AM

San Francisco splurge

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Lovers of seafood and/or Italian cuisine going to San
Francisco late April. Any recommendations for
memorable, romantic, good value for the price, sort of
places? Cost isn't a huge issue. I realize this is a
tall order given the culinary stature of the city.
Thanks in advance. pat

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  1. For Italian: look up Rosa Pistola. I haven't been there
    myself but I've read great reviews about it and then
    heard from my brother (a most reliable NY chowhound)
    that it was indeed excellent and very affordable.


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    1. re: Janet Traub

      Thanks Janet. It sounds great. pat

      1. re: Pat Hammond

        Just echoing Janet's sentiments. A friend of mine, a cookbook writer, just went to Rosa Pistola and loved it.


        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Gary, Thanks for seconding the motion on Rosa Pistola.
          I also made note of Fina Estampa. That sounds
          fascinating too. I only wish I were inquiring for
          myself. But my daughter and her husband will enjoy one
          or the other, I'm sure. pat