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May 5, 2004 01:57 PM

Best restaurants in Portsmouth NH?

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What restaurants have foodies raving about these days in Portsmouth NH? I'm interested in both special anniversary-night-out places and lower-key funky/casual spots. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I really like the portsmouth brewery. GOOD BEER! the food is pretty good too. It's kind of trendy. You'll probably either love it or hate it. But the beer is really good.

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      Went to Portsmouth Brewery, had the mussels for an app. and they were perfect. Had the Salmon sandwich for entree, near perfect as well. If you are in Portsmouth, seafood is a must!

      Went to a little place on Bow St., Poco's, and ate on the deck yesterday. Pretty hopping place even for lunch.

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        I like the Brewery but find that the food can be hit or miss. Tends to be more miss when they're slow. Black Bean Dip, salads and specials are ace. Beer is not to be missed.

        The tin ceilings, while adding some old-timey atmosphere, make for a rather loud dining experience.

        1. re: killerzephyr

          Hey Killer,
          This OP was started over four years ago.

          I still love the Pub grub at the Brewery, but alot has changed.

          Pesce Blue, Dolphin Striker, and the Oar House on the deck, just in case you are interested. ; )

      2. My favorite place is the outdoor patio at the Oar House. Especially on a quiet weekday afternoon. They truly make the best Bloody Mary I have ever had! Try one with the Triple 8 olive flavor vodka!

        1. Took my wife last week for her birthday to Lindbergh's Crossing. She loved it, and so did I. Interesting menu, nice atmosphere, very good food!


          1. I went to Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe when it first opened (about 3 1/2 years ago-God, how time flies!) and remember it being pretty good. Although I can't recall what I had to eat, the place itself had a great lively atmosphere in a small space. It's casual but has an urban feel to it. More recently (last October), I had a pretty decent meal at Pesce Blue before a show at the Music Hall. This is more of a special-occasion place, though it's by no means superformal. We started with a grilled octopus appetizer-perfectly grilled with some lemon to taste. Simple yet divine. I had a homemade pasta dish with shrimp, which was around $12. The pasta was delicious, but there were only 3 medium shrimp in the dish. Service was excellent.

            I used to live in that area and loved Cafe Mirabelle (cozy, homey French, perfect for a date) and the grimy deliciousness of The Friendly Toast (huge portions, cheap prices). I also remember having a great scallop dish at The Metro. There have been a ton of new places that opened since I left and it has become quite a dining epicenter on the seacoast. Check out for a list of area restaurants and the links to their Web sites. Good luck and happy eating!


            1. Oh boy....

              Just had a 2.5 hour meal at Pesce Blue, a week ago.. I love that place... Yellowfin tuna tartar with peppercorn and avocado app... amazing.. I get it everytime i go there... Overall the food and service is fantastic specializing in Italian/Mediteranean inspired seafood... the whole fish selection is wonderful.. I really cant say enough about this place... it has outdoor eating as well... and a Vin Santo on the wine list.. yummy.... this place is in a newer building and kind of hip...


              Our other fav is Lindbergs Crossing... completely different atmosphere... great wine list... the food temds to be a bit french inspired with a regional twist... it is in a 200 yr old building with views of the tugboats... we always eat upstairs in the wine bar area... specials are fantastic (had the Kobe beef about a month ago.... carpaccio/seared-tuna style.. blew me away!!!)..


              you will NOT be disappointed with either of these... I love Jumpin Jays as well, but I thinks these 2 are a notch above... well, maybe, maybe not.. Jays has a great raw bar and larger selection of fish, generally simply prepared with the choice of 4 or 5 sauces/rubs.. really, really good, a few bucks cheaper.. but for the special nite out I guess I prefer the other two.. although the 'Lindburger' doesnt require a special nite (awesome hamburger served at the bar at Lindbergs..
              A new place, Green Monkey, is quite funky with great martinis and inventive fusion cuisine.. we went a couple time during the first 2-3 months it opened and had a great time...


              by the way... We moved to area about 1 year ago and still havent hit all the great looking restaurants in town... it is so hard when you find some you love, to go out to others... definietely want to hit Victory and Anthony Albertos.... I could go on and gush over another 6-7 great spots in town, but the above mentioned are our favs (thus far)....

              have fun!