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May 4, 2004 07:44 PM

Seafood Restaurants near Camden, Maine

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We will be spending 3 days near the Camdon, Maine area in mid-June. We are looking for seafood restaurant recommendations in various price ranges. Some inexpensive choices for lunch and dinner. Then on the night of our Anniversary, we'd like to go to some place a little special. Nothing extravegant -- maybe in the $20-25 per entree range.

The suggestions don't need to be in Camden proper -- just in that "mid-coast" area.


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  1. I like the Waterfront a lot. It has a dining room, bar, and outside deck. I've only had lunch in the dining room once (the menus are different for the bar/deck and dining room). It can be a little "yachty" but there really is nothing better than sitting on the deck for an afternoon pint and a bucket of steamers. Its not terribly expensive, but not cheap either. It is downtown Camden, down the little side street (I forget the name) on the left heading South.

    There is a great breakfast joint called Boynton McKay on Rt. 1 on the left heading North. The egg sandwiches are to die for. It is an old timey ice cream parlor, too. THey probally have lunch as well, but I've only been there for breakfast.

    Rockland has a couple of good restaurants, Almalfi and Miranda. I don't know about their seafood selections, though. I had a great New Years Eve dinner and Alalfi. Miranda seems to be a consitent local establishment, great people and atmosphere. I've always had good food there.

    1. The Anchor Inn in Round Pond is a casual mostly all seafood menu located right on Round Pond (the ocean) Harbor. The setting and the food are both superb. They serve both lunch and dinner and their menu selection is extensive plus several seafood specials each night.

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        Anchor Inn is, indeed, excellent for just about everything. It's off the beaten path, and the water view is lovely. HOWEVER, I don't call it close to Camden -- on the map, yes; for real, no. Between doing Route 1 and then getting down the peninsula, my guess is an hour, probably conservative if it's summer.

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        Maine Foodie

        Try Atlantica in Camden for that special night. The food is really quite special. Waterfront is great spot for a quick lunch. Nothing beats the view. Both are right on the water off of Bayview Street. If you really want to do it up for your anniversary, try the Heartstone Inn in Camden. They have one seating a night with a prix fixe menu that is mostly seafood and changes nightly.
        For a nice evening away from Camden try Belfast. 3Tides on the waterfront serves the best clam chowder (I helped develop the recipe, though its a bit different from when I was cooking there) The restaurant has its own lobstermen who catch for them, so you'll be getting the freshest lobsters in town. Lobster and crab rolls are to die for as well. They have a deck outside and a gorgeous hip interior that is very un-mid-coast.


        1. I just talked to a friend from Camden who said the Lobsterpound in Lincolnville is great. The take out counter is apparently a little more laid back. Its in the medium price range.

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            I beg to differ here. We had dinner at the Lobster Pound in Lincolnville Beach last October and the food was greasy, the lobster overcooked, it seemed a bit down in the heals, etc. I am not a fan of any of the Lincolnville Beach restaurants, but they pack people in during the summer months, so they don't really have to change their menus. I've reviewed most of these places on my website