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May 2, 2004 02:49 PM

new haven: mother's day brunch?

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Hounds, I need help -

My folks are coming up to New Haven for brunch on Mother's Day. I need a place that I can either make reservations at or that won't have a tremendous wait (so The Pantry is out of the question) - any suggestions?

500 Blake Street? The Omni? Sandra's? 168 York? Any place else?

Any comments on these places, or any others, is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Ibiza is great and I am pretty certain they are open this Sunday.
    I have never been to 168 york but had to go to 500 Blake and the Omni for business dinners and found the food pretty mediocre.

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      I've been walking by Ibiza, and they have sign up that they'll be open at 12:30 for Mother's Day.

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        Ibiza is great, and open this sunday, but not open for brunch (only lunch) - and I'm definitely looking for eggs, pancakes, etc.

        Any other suggestions?

      2. Grassy Hill has a Mother's Day brunch every year. Huge spread, they do reservations.