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Apr 13, 2004 09:38 AM

Interesting cheap eats in Newport, Middletown, Tiverton, RI?

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Anyone know of some inexpensive, wonderful foodie places in the Newport-Middletown-Tiverton area of RI? I am seeking breakfast and lunch as well as informal dinner restos. Not to forget bakeries, coffeehouses and the occasional not-to-be missed icecream parlor. I am going for a couple of days at the end of April. Will things be open for the season or is this more a summer area? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. In terms of breakfasts, my favorites were:
    Coffee Corner for stuffed french toast - Broadway near the Hospital.
    Ocean Breeze Cafe for great muffins - far south on Thames St.
    Lunches, Tommy's Deluxe Diner in Middletown is good, and there's also a barbeque place that I always liked right across the street. I don't know if that's open for the season yet though. They had great pork sandwiches and sides.
    And Dinners, I would go to Aiden's on Broadway for fish and chips; Yesterdays (right down the street from Aiden's) for a great beer selection and good pubby food; and the Salvation Cafe (also Broadway). Brick Alley Pub on Thames is sometimes good too.
    If the Newport Creamery is still in business, and you have a nice day, you should get an Awful-Awful (milkshake). There used to be at least three locations in Newport alone.

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      Another vote for Salvation Cafe.

      If you have time to get across the bridge and into Jamestown, Try Tratoria Simpatico for dinner and for breakfast/bakery, A Slice of Heaven is pretty darn good (they have Grand Marnier French Toast that will set your diet back a couple months!)

      Cheers and enjoy the food!

    2. Evelyn's drive-in in tiverton is a very popular clam shack that is known for it's lobster rolls. I second the recommendation for the Newport Creamery awful awful. It is soooo good!

      1. Spring Wharf Bakery off of lower Thames in Newport has such good pastries -- good enough to get me to go fishing at o'god thirty if promised that I will get a stickybun out of the deal. And the baguettes-yum.

        There is also an artesian bakery on Aquidneck Ave in Middletown that does wonderful loaves of bread, conveniently enough they are next to a fresh pasta shop, and across the road from Anthony's seafood -- Boston should have such a fish market -- literally all you need for dinner within a two block radius.

        My favorite coffee shop is down at the end of Bannister's wharf (someone correct me if I have the name of the wharf wrong). Great coffee, and they have rows of white adirondack chairs with wide arms, perfect for resting a cup of coffee as you lean back and read or chat with a friend.

        There is still a Newport Creamery on Bellevue, across from the tennis hall of fame.

        If the weather is warm enough and you should happen across a Del's lemonade truck -- have one.

        Some claim the chowder at the Moorings is the best in New England. A bowl at the bar with a pint is a nice light meal.

        Ocean Breeze near first beach (I may have the name wrong as I always refer to it as the omelet shoppe) does an excellent breakfast.

        Flo's for fried everything overlooking first beach.

        Salvation Cafe on Broadway for dinner is a great time -- well executed funky eclectic menu. On weeknights off-season they have dinner specials for $7.


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          Brick Alley Pub and the Moorings get a second from me. The view of the harbor from the Moorings just adds to the pleasure.

          1. International Pocket Cafe- Winner! Fresh & a nice change from so many franchise sub-par cheap eats.

            Refreshing change!