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Apr 12, 2004 02:57 PM

fish market in CT

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I'm looking for a really good fish market in the Danbury/Bethel/Brookfield, Southbury, or Monroe areas. Really good means really fresh fish at good prices.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. k
    Kelly Migliaccio

    I like Swanson's Fish Market on RT 25 (I believe the shopping center is called Clocktower Square-it's the same shopping center that Carl Anthony's Trattoria is in). The seafood seems to always be fresh and the prices fair (though not inexpensive). You can sometimes get good deals at Costco as well.

    1. I usually get my seafood at Stew Leonards. But there are fish markets on route 6 near the Danbury Bethel border (Simply Seafood) and there is one in Monroe on rte 25 - Swansons Fish market. Never been to either one so I can't say what the prices are like.

      Can't forget Captain Cliff on Route 7 in the ridgefield area- He sells lobsters, clams and other stuff out of his truck which he drives down from maine. Late summer he has wild maine blueberries-yum.

      Further away is the Gulf Shrimp Co (Exit 30 off of I-84). It's a wholesale place with a retail store. I find in the summer that their lobsters are a little bit cheaper (but not much).

      A few others (some of these might be wholesale only):
      Conte's Fish market - Westport
      Seaport Seafod - Norwalk
      Don Roebuck Seafood Dealer - Newtown

      Here is a useful link:

      Or you could just go fishing. ;^)

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        Tried Simply Seafood--fish store and little restaurant. Yummy, run by nice people. Had a lobster roll that was almost too good--which is to say, instead of a soft hotdog bun, there was a good French roll, toasted, which was almost too much crunch for the softer lobster--still it was all lobster, delicious. Home-made potato chips, a tad greasy, but crunchy, good flavor. Good cole slaw, creamy, w/ a little zip. Bought some smoked trout to go, and it was great. I'll go back in a flash!

        1. re: erika

          I recommend Swansons - good prices, always fresh and super helpful. Maine Crab 9.99 1/2 lb. or lump crab...
          Great place, and worth the drive.

        2. There's one on Route 6 in Bethel. It's just past the Stony Hill Inn (good brunch!)on the left heading toward Danbury.