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Apr 1, 2004 02:06 PM

The Royal Footman & The York Steak House

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anyone remember these?

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  1. Oh, yeah - York Steak House, I remember it well! Desserts to tempt you before you even saw the main course. Loved the sauteed sirloin tips with extra grilled onions. The steak sauce that they had on the tables was so good, I'd often "borrow" a bottle to take home. I even tried to buy a bottle, but alas, they would not sell me one.

    And all this food for some ridiculously low price, too.

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    1. re: Zina

      We used to go to the York at the Warwick Mall in RI -- and stand in line for 19 or 37 minutes (as the signs told us) to hear some automaton teenybopper ask if we wanted "hot, delicious mushroom sauce" on our "steaks."

      Funny that you used to "borrow" the steak sauce. We used to "borrow" pats of butter by hiding them under plates so the kid who tallied up your total tab wouldn't see them, thereby saving $.03 x the number of butter pats you could hide. Consider it payback for those lines.

      I think the top of the line steak was $2.19.

      Good times, good times.

      1. re: Bob W.
        Royal Footman - Please people think

        so many childhood memories there. was up in hamden. right off the merritt.

        1. re: Bob W.

          Mom used to take us to the York Steak House at the
          Warwick Mall a lot...I remember the "chefs" in the big hats yelling things out in French. I always got the hot mushroom sauce. I remember it kind of coincided with getting a good report card, I guess she just overlooked the conduct marks as long as the grades were good ;)

          Mom also used to take us to the place next to the Woolworths at the other end of the mall but I can't remember the name of it...anyone remember that place?

      2. Please tell us where these places are/were!

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        1. re: Injun Joe

          There happens to one York Steak House left

          York Steak House
          4220 W. Broad Street
          Columbus OH 43228