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Jun 15, 2006 03:16 PM

shad, they're in... but what do i do with them?

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Anybody have any shad recipes? Are they edible? I recall an essay about the egg sack or something... maybe put 'em in the smoker?

i thank you


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  1. The proverbial "Some People" claim that shad roe is a delicacy. My personal experience does not back that up. The roe holds together fairly well when removed from the fish, and the egg sac can be cooked whole. I've tried broiling the fish itself, with weak results. There are rumors that it can be pressure cooked to eliminate the incredibly copious, small bones from the meager flesh, but I imagine that the resulting protein slurry would be unworthy fare for an alley cat.

    Now, I've also heard tale of a Filipino Adobo recipe, but it came from a very disreputable source. Proceed with caution.

    And if you do find a good shad recipe, I'll trade you my planked carp recipe for it.

    1. Cafe Juanita made a delicious shad roe dish back a couple months ago when it was in season; give them a call and ask to speak to the chef Holly, they might be able to make some suggestions

      1. Shad is tasty but VERY bony. I can't even think of another fish this bony. So bony that I think it's not worth the trouble . . .

        1. I just had to laugh at this question, and cannot stop myself from replying! Not because it's a good or bad question, but because Shad has been the punchline of many of our family jokes for the past decade or so.

          There was a time, not long ago (10+ years) when we were living in New York and happened to head up the Hudson River to the town of Kingston to check out the Maritime Museum's "Kingston Shad Festival". We had never had shad, did not know what it was. But a festival surrounding one fish, with the promise that it would be prepapred by the folks from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America was all we needed for a getaway day trip.

          To cut to the chase...we've never had such bony worthless fish, and the huge clumps of roe were awful. We laugh about this for many reasons, and because undoubtedly it was one of those "you had to be there" moments. But if the CIA can't make it edible, what more can you say? Also, something about "What do you expect from the Hudson River, anyway?"

          Qualifications: this was a festival with large quantities of fish and roe being served (to who, I don't know!), and surely not the finest it could be. But if it takes the likes of Cafe Juanita to make it good, I don't think I'd bother....

          Here's the festival link: They appear to have some recipes and cooking instructions, if you're up for it:

          Best of luck to you.

          1. Please repost on the Home Cooking board, where everything concerning food preparation is discussed. No more replies here, please.