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Mar 29, 2004 08:34 PM

Easter Dinner in Western MA

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My boyfriend just sprung this on me and I have no idea where to start. We've been living in this area for only a few months.

His mom and sister are coming for Easter dinner. Any suggestions on good places? Any kind of food works. We're in the Springfield area, but willing to travel as far south as Hartford, CT and as north as S. Deerfield. Thanks in advance.


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  1. If you like German Food try the Student Prince in Springfield. It's downtown on Fort Street. Be sure to make reservations as the place is always busy.

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      The student prince regular menu and Holiday menu are online at I HIGHLY recommend the following selections:
      fried camembert cheese
      house roquefort dressing on a garden salad
      marinated cucumber salad
      chicken paprika
      roulade of beef
      any of the schnitzels (paprika and jaeger are my favorites
      )hungarian goulash
      grand marnier souffle

      most entrees are less than $20. ENJOY!!!

    2. Spoleto's in Northampton was advertising an Easter Brunch, and they just started serving brunch in general. I've never been there for anything but dinner, but they're consistently good.

      You might also see if Green Street Cafe in Northampton is open-- they make a nice brunch, and their food in general is quite good.

      Other options in Northampton that might be worth a call: Table 9, Brasserie 40-A, and Del Raye. All are pretty swanky eclectic style food with higher prices, but I've never had a bad meal at any of the three.

      I had the brunch at the Hotel Northampton once, and it was pretty bad. I'd skip it unless you can't get any reservations anywhere else.

      Currents, the restaurant at the Marriot in downtown Springfield, is actually pretty good for a hotel restaurant, and if they're open, they might be a good option. I've only eaten lunch and dinner, never tried anything brunch or breakfasty.

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        (In my opinion) Spoleto is dismal and should be avoided. Other's on the boards have compared it to the Olive Garden, if that gives any idea.

        Del Raye is closed, the folks who run Spoleto's are running a sports bar in the spot.

      2. Thank you for the tips. I will definitely look into the places you mentioned.

        1. Concorde's Restaurant in Windsor Locks is my all time favorite Easter Brunch, they have omelet stations, carving stations and much more at a reasonable price. Reservations are usually required, their number is 860-386-7849.

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            This was a great Easter Brunch, matter of fact, booked it again this year. But just be careful.... the servers don't tell you that the tax AND TIP have already been included. We made the mistake of tipping again and when we called to complain the next day, was told, 'too bad'.
            So keep this in mind where ever you go be it Easter Brunch or any holiday. Not ALL servers are honest.