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Mar 28, 2004 08:03 PM

Brunch at tthe Omni Hotel - New Haven

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Has anyone tried the restaurant at the top of the Omni Hotel, on the 19th floor? They have a $16 brunch, and it sounded good, but my guests were dubious.

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  1. I have eaten there at a brunch function. The food was okay and the view was beautiful. It was buffet style and I don't know if ordering the food off the menu is any better.

    If you are looking for an awesome brunch, try 500 Blake Street. I think their's is around $20 a person, but the spread is well worth it. You won't believe your eyes. Make sure to make a reservation.

    1. I second elmcityer's review of the Omni brunch -- great view, OK food. Not sure it's worth $16, but I'm not much of a brunch guy, either.

      I've heard good things about the brunch at 500 Blake St., but I've never been much impressed by their dinners, so I haven't gone for brunch. If you go, would you post a review? Thanks.

      I can't think of another decent brunch place. Rainbow Gardens used to be good, but then it became Rainbow Cafe and went down the tubes (if you ask me, anyway). I always struggle to recommend brunch places to friends.

      1. I realize this is an old thread..and wanted to ask..
        Has anyone eaten at the omni for the Easter Brunch in recent years?
        The price is $42 a head. No champagne/bloody mary. Just coffee/juice.

        We will be in town for a few days and have made a reservation.
        Is there something better?