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Mar 23, 2004 04:20 PM

Providence - Ethiopian?

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Are there any Ethiopian restaurants in Providence? I will be there this weekend at a teacher's convention and my collegues and I were talking about going out for an adventurous dinner. Is there a good middle-eastern place? What about Greek?



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  1. Interesting questions!

    I posed the Ethiopian question myself several months ago, and was told there is nothing in the area. seems to suggest the closest Ethiopian (2 of them, actually) is about 40 minutes away in either Boston or Jamaica Plains. There's also the (in my humble opinion) excellent Cafe Adulis in New Haven, although when I was there about 2 or so years ago it seemed to have slipped somewhat from what I remembered from the mid to late 90's, with higher prices, smaller portions, and toned down tastes. There is, however, a *Western* African restaurant in Providence, if I recall, called Tunu's Place at 651 Admiral St., although I haven't been there in about a year and a half.

    Regarding Greek, I'm not very knowledgeable here. I recent read a review of Cafe Paradiso (Cranston) on, and the link is here: (which I would recommend you check) also lists some Greek in Narragansett and Warwick, as well as several Middle-Eastern establishments, but I haven't been to any of them.

    I hope this helps!

    Rochester, MN (nope, nothing to eat down here
    )Soon to be in Providence, RI!

    1. Can't help with Ethiopian, but Andreas on Thayer Street is a Greek restaurant popular with Brown students. Although really, if you're in Providence, you should go for Italian...

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