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Jun 13, 2006 01:21 AM

klamath falls and idaho suggestions?

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My fiance and I will be taking a road trip this September and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for the Klamath Falls or Boise areas (or Yellowstone for that matter).

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  1. I am a Bay Area chowhound that visits Boise often (parents live there). Last few times we have enjoyed the Cottonwood Grille in Parkcenter. Asiago's can be a good deal and we have enjoyed it. Also, I grew up on Table Rock Brewery, so maybe it is just me, but I like it. I liked Smokey Mountain Pizza - different than anything here in California. Bittercreek Ale House for a lunch is good, and then there is Cobby's sandwiches, which my husband says must be a Boise thing, but I like... Westside Drive-in in quirky and fun, and Cazba has decent Greek food for the area.

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      1. My sister-in-law owns an Italian restaurant in Klamath Falls, Gino's Cafe Italiano on East Main Street. She is open for dinner only Tuesday through Saturday. Arrive early to be seated in one of the classic booths by a stained-glass window. Must-try appetizers are the sauteed mushrooms and Italian sausage. And I love Frannie's seafood fettucini, which is a lovely pink color due to the addition of red wine in the sauce. Totally yummmmy!!

        1. In Klamath, check out Bel Tramonto Italian Ristorante. They were just written up in "Best Places Northwest" travel guide. Real Italian cooking, everything made from scratch, awesome. Excellent service, great desserts and a wine list that you'll be surprised to see in lil' ol' Klamath Falls. Really worth checking out.

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            Speaking of Italian, nobody ever mentions Romano's Italian Ristorante in McCall, ID. I look forward to a trip every winter to McCall for the snow and dining at Romano's. They have grilled Italian sausage with pasta that reminds me of the meal I always get in old-town Deruta, Italy. The pasta (more than I could eat) comes with bread and an especially good salad or soup. I enjoyed my yearly meal with an outstanding bottle of Tenuta Sette Ponti, Crognolo Toscano. $12 for the pasta dinner and $48 for the wine, Perfect!

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              I agree Bel Tramonto is a very surprising find in Klamath Falls. They offer 4 course meals (I believe) which can get pretty expensive. But, you can just order the entree etc. That's what I did. It filled me up. The service is pretty good! And, the food is worth the wait. It is pretty spendy. But, I don't mind paying a bit of a hefty price, if the food is exceptional quality. I believe it is. I got the hanger steak. It was cooked perfectly.. no grissle or fat. And, it comes with shaved browned potatoes sprinkled over the top with a few pieces of asparagus. Plan on spending around $20-25's for just the entree. They keep delicious house bread coming. And, it's very good with olive oil, balsamic vinegar & roasted garlic.

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                I called to ask about reservations. Per the recorded message, it's closed indefinitely as of 9/15/09.

              2. Klamath-a fun vietnamese resaturant. Service prompt. fresh-mostly done to order. Great beer selection. Spring rolls/fresh/salad rolls. Very resonable. Clean. Jackie Chan posters, hanging silk plants, carved screens. Skylights. Import store next door.
                Phoa Hoa & Hong-just google Klamath & vietnamese.