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Jan 9, 2004 03:52 PM

Portsmouth bar/restaurant

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Looking for a place in downtown Portsmouth to get a decent bite to eat while watching the Patriots' game on Saturday night. Any thoughts?

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  1. I like either the Portsmouth Brewery or Molly Malone's, they are located on State St., right downtown Portsmouth.

    1. Watched the first Titans game this season in the "basement" at Muddy River Smokehouse. They have a couple of big screen TVs as well as multiple small screens down there. I'd highly recommend it.

      1. Portsmouth Brewery all the way. I live on the West Coast and still crave their fish and chips with chipotle tartar sauce. Fresh fish, fried but not greasy, flavorful tartar. Or the ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce, as delicious as what you would have in Italy. I'd do anything for a Portsmouth Brewery on the west coast!

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          That's funny, I'd do almost anything for the west coast quality of brewery's on the east coast. I really miss the beer produced in the Pacific Northwest. When I lived in Seattle, I thought Red Hook was akin to Bud, now it's one of the best fresh beers I can locally.

          I've grown weary of Alan Pugsley clones.

        2. Aren't the Patriots playing on Sunday????

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            This thread was revived from 2 years ago for some reason.