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Jan 9, 2004 02:40 PM

Valentine's Day in Burlington, VT -- need advice

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I know dining out on Valentine's Day is usually to be avoided, but we're going skiing for President's Day weekend, so we'll have to eat away from home.

The restaurants that sound good to me in general, based on recommendations here, are Smokejacks, NECI Commons, and possibly Single Pebble. Souza's Brazilian Restaurant also sounds intriguing -- is there anyone who's eaten there and can vouch for its quality? I am thinking churrascuria style dining with meats brought around from table to table might be more suited to a busy night than someplace that's attempting to cook plates to order.

I'm trying to avoid overpriced prix fixe menus with poor selection and crappy service. I'm interested in finding out which restaurants in Burlington are particularly known for good service. If you have any other restaurants to suggest, would like to hear them -- I want to stay away from anything that could be viewed as pretentious or Frenchy, however.

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  1. I like NECI's restaurant on upper church street, but my favorite new find is Cannons in the North End. See post below.


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    1. We ate at Smokejacks based on the recommendations on this board and really enjoyed it. (In fact we went back a second time.) It's not a particularly romantic place, but its good and fun, with relaxed but good service.

      1. OK, it's French and it has a prix fixe menu (but all the time, not just V-Day, and I don't consider it overpriced), but my favorite little-known romantic restaurant in Burlington is Opaline. Very small, very understated.

        1. I'll second the Opaline recommendation. It really is a hidden gem...French, but unpretentious. Hardly anyone knows about it, which seems to keep the standards up. They only do pre-fixe on Valentine's Day, but the food and service were wonderful. Fresh, inventive food, and careful (but non-obsequious), considerate service.

          I wouldn't, however, recommend NECI. I really don't get why people recommend this place. I've been several times and have never enjoyed my meals. I found the food insipid and derivative, the service spotty at best, and the noise levels too obtrusive. You can do much better.

          I also wasn't terribly impressed with Single Pebble. It's good food, but very "Americanized" Chinese, as is the Five Spice (it poses as pan-Asian, but, having lived in Asia, I found it over-priced and over-spiced). For simple and inexpensive noodles and curries, I like Pacific Rim a lot. It is decidedly casual, though.

          I've heard good things about Smokejacks and Trattoria Delia but haven't been. Good luck!

          1. Cannon's Italian restaurant on North Avenue is a wonderful place. Living in that neighborhood, I hardly expected to find any food to taste good/authentic. Cannon's food is definitely up there with the best Italian food I've had in years. Portions are superb and service is excellent. Valentine's Day is the 14th, Saturday. You MUST make reservations for Friday/Saturday nights, or be prepared to wait ~1 hour or so.

            I haven't tried Souza's Brazilian restaurant, but if it's Brazilian, then there's hardly any way they can mess it up. You've got to be a meat-lover, however, to enjoy the food there.