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Jan 7, 2004 02:26 PM

Where to buy seafood in Manchester or Concord NH

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I'm trying to find a reliable source for oysters and whole fish, ideally. Does anyone have a favorite place in the area?

Also, I had the poussin the other day at Baldwin's. I'd love to find good poultry as well. Thanks,


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  1. Good Luck. I hope someone has discovered a really good source. The best I have done is the Hannaford in Concord. When the counter man gets to know you and you use some judgement, you can do pretty well. There is also a fish truck that come over from a good Porsmouth market one a week (I think on Fridays near the Hockey arena)

    I tend to by whole fish when in Boston or Portland and suffer most of the rest of the time.

    1. You might take a look in the Saigon Market off S.Willow in Manchester. It has a good reputation for very fresh whole fish from the chefs I've talked to in Manchester. It is in the Workout Club plaza.

      1. I noticed an ad in the Manchester newspaper for Sparta Fish & Meat Market. No experience with the place, but their ad lists several "fresh" fish items, including octopus.

        Address: 126 Cleveland St. (off Second St.) 603-641-6495

        There is also Tinker's Seafood, a restaurant with some fresh fish/seafood available. They are in a small plaza on the Hooksett/Manch line on DW Hwy/Hooksett Rd.
        (in the same plaza with Shogun Japanese Steakhouse (so-so) and the excellent La Carreta Mexican restaurant.

        There are also the fish market displays in Weathervane and Newick's restaurants in the area.

        There was a good fish market in Concord for several years, Ocean Tide, but I believe they are closed now :-(

        1. There is a fish truck that comes to Concord on fridays, 10a-4p at the Everett Arena parking lot (off exit 14, 93N). Also the Ocean Tide fish market is still open on Storrs St, Concord, NH.