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Dec 23, 2003 08:10 AM

Get Cheese From a Nunnery (CT)

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So there's the piece in the Times about Mother Noella Marcellino making such wonderful cheese that she got an award from la France for her abilities and practices. Being a good American chowhound, what I want to know is whether the cheeses are available for purchase? And if so, do I go to Bethlehem CT to get them or do the good Benedictine sisters sell through retail outlets?

Mmmm . . . raw milk cheese. If only the dream could come true.


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  1. The Boston Globe had an article recently, and the price at Formaggio was much higher, but less than gas.

    1. Went to the Abbey a few weeks ago, to their gift shop, and bought their cheeses. There were 2 types: a pungent wonderful one shaped like a small wheel with a really funky outer; and a dessert cheese in a plastic container. The pungent one was great -- the earthy smell of the outer covering was truly unique -- but the cheese was really tasty and good and robust. The dessert cheese tasted to me like very rich vanilla yoghurt. Nice. Do go and check out, but call before you go because the gift shop isn't always open.