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Nov 23, 2003 04:21 PM

Providence, RI

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Just moved to Providence, RI. and I was wondering what new, exciting things are going on here- what are best restaurants, bars, cafe's, specialty food shops, butcher, etc......any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. They just let the cat out of the bag today. The Cafe Luna, been going since they opened (14 years). I think its one if the best in the state. Another one is Wes's Rib House. Try Olga's for lunch. There are really a lot of fine places to eat in R.I., you just have to look for them.
    p.s I think Olga's is just open for lunch.

    1. Basically Brittish in Warren. Olga's is also great. Casual: Crazy Burger in Narragansett. Salvation Cafe in Newport.

      1. Atwells Ave. for all things Italian, both markets and restaurants. Venda Ravioli is a great market. As previously stated, there are loads of good places to eat in Providence. Pick up a copy of rhode island Monthly (mag.) and look at the restaurant reviews, that may be helpful.

        1. Not to be rude...but this person posted orignally in 2003. I think she is by now familiar with the options in Providence.

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          1. re: Sambossanova

            Hehe... I was giggling a bit at the timeframe too... 2003!! She may have even moved out by now!

            Also, for what it's worth, I find the food reviews in places like the Monthlies, Phoenix, and the ProJo to be nearly worthless... Little more than paid advertisements in tone and critique...

            - Garris
            Providence, RI

            1. re: Garris

              i think the phoenix restaurant reviews are real

              1. re: im hungry

                I loathe the reviews from everywhere local, incl. the Phoenix. Not looking for gratuitous bashing, but that review is treacle/ad-worthy too.

                Liked your review of Rasoi, btw, Garris. I wanted to love that place, but I'll still schlep and park for Cabob & Curry when I have the choice.