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[SEA] Where to buy oysters

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Where's the best place to buy lots oysters (well, several dozen) that sells them fresh and cheap?

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  1. I'd try any of the seafood vendors in Pike Place Market.

    1. I get my oysters at Mutual Fish, on Rainier just north of MLK way.

      1. Get a bushel at Jack's Fish Market in Pike Place Market, cheap and delicious.


        1. If you'd like a scenic drive with your oysters, check out Blau Oyster on Samish Island. About 90 minutes north of Seattle. Call and order ahead and they'll have them ready for you. Nice people, great oysters. And while you're in the area, you can stop by a neat little specialty wine and food spot in Edison, Slough Foods, and the excellent bread bakery next door, whose name escapes me at the moment. A very nice day trip. Susan C.

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            The bakery is called the Bread Farm. We visited both the bakery and Slough Foods in May and were very impressed by the food offerings at both.

          2. The seafood guy at the University Farmer's Market has really good oysters--both in the shell and bottled/shucked for frying and stews.

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              Which are sold by Taylor Shellfish, that Jamesongirl mentions above.

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              Olympia Jane

              Okay, this is not off topic- hut it is off path (outside of Greater Seattle), but any thread on "where to buy oysters" couldn't omit Taylor United. The oysters are extremely fresh, directly off the beach, and amongst the best in Puget Sound. The variety available changes depending on the day you are there, and they will ship (I sent a gallon of Kumamotos and a gallon of Totten's to my brother for his birthday). If you happen to be in the market for oyster seed...you can buy it there, too, and grow your own.

              Taylor Shellfish Farms (aka Taylor United) is located between Olympia and Shelton off Hiway 101, but you can check their website (link below) for exact directions.

              Link: http://www.taylorshellfishfarms.com/

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                O.J., Any trip to Shelton should include a visit to Xingh's Restaurant. There Oysters are given the proper cooking and presentation they deserve. It's a win, win: Dine at Xingh's and then go to Taylor's for Oysters to go.

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                  Olympia Jane

                  Leper - As per usual, you are all over it! Xinh's is actually owned by the folks at Taylor's. (Xinh’s Clam & Oyster House at 221 W Railroad Avenue in downtown Shelton. Telephone (360)427-8709). Their employees have won the Shelton Oysterfest shuck off more than once...

                  Now being really Off Topic when I was formerly only Off Path, the restaurant (Cafe Luna) that used to occupy the space that Xinh's is now in was so fabulous, the owners so wonderful and the food so exquisitely divine,that I have never been able to eat at Xinh's without the wistful ghost of meals past hovering nearby. In fact, the only restaurant I have ever thought came close to the flavor of oysters cracked open on the beach is Union (in Seattle). I have to admit that I would be hard pressed if I had to choose between a platter of Union's raw oysters with mignonette sauce and a glass of wine or a couple of oysters slurped down at the beach with a swig of beer out of the cooler. It's just those kind of dilemmas that a woman loves to be stuck pondering....

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                  You don't need to drive to their farm-Taylor's sells at the Ballard and University Farmer's markets (and maybe others, too, those are the only two I visit).

                3. a good place to check is county market up in shoreline. they usually have 3-5 varities in their tanks.......

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                    Central Market in Shoreline?
                    If you are that far north, also check 99 Ranch in Edmonds.