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Oct 15, 2003 12:31 PM

Hamden/New Haven Area Miscellany

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We moved to Hamden at the end of the summer and have used Chowhound for some ideas and now it's time to give back a little bit.

East Buffet (Hamden):
AYCE Chinese buffet (duh) that has some interesting stuff, but I was underwhelmed, especially at $18 per head.

Ashley's Ice Cream (Hamden + New Haven):
Superb. Can't compare to Hansen's yet, but it's nice and thick and heavy.

Royal Palace (New Haven):
Allegedly the best Chinese in the area, and it's not bad, but we waited a *long* time for relatively simple takeout (though we may have ordered less commonly requested dishes). I had the duck w/Chinese pickles which was duck with pickled peppers and cabbage and onion. Good taste, but didn't really melt my butter.

Shaliga (Hamden):
Thai food that is about the same as your run-of-the-mill good Thai in NYC, but the Thai staff is nice enough that it seems to us like a regular might get preferential treatment and food that was a notch up.

Modern Apizza (New Haven):
Can't compare to Sally's or Pepe's yet, but we quite liked it. Canned olives on the olives + garlic pizza, but on the whole excellent.

Swanson's fish market (Hamden)
Perfectly acceptable salmon, though it had a whiff of just-a-little-old to it. Seems like the way to get fish there is to ask the friendly guy behind the counter what's the newest.

#1 Fish Market (Hamden)
Good fish as well, decent prices. Seems more uniformly fresh than Swanson's (just by looking).

Liuzzi (italian products, North Haven near Hamden):
Wow. Cheese that is hard to find, even in our old Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn, like caciacavallo, and a nice selection of oils, vinegars, sausages, and prepared foods.

Paul & Eddy / Cafe Bella (pizza, Hamden)
Meh. P&E is thicker crust, Bella is New Haven style. Bella is better than P&E IMO, but the SO thinks slightly contrary. The eggplant pizza we ate in at Bella was better than the plain cheese pie we took out (which, in turn, was better then next day).

Your opinions are welcome.

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  1. Hey Trip...
    For excellent Malaysian food there is a restaurant on Whalley Ave right off exit 60 on the Parkway...I'll get the name for you...but don't have it at the moment..

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    1. re: Maria F.

      You probably mean Gunung Tahan at 1451 Whalley Ave.
      Yes, it is good and their lunch prices were quite economical
      the last time I was there.
      Be sure to plunk the Malaysian marimba before leaving!

    2. Maria... YES! please send all recommendations for restaurants that are off of route 15 (Merrit/Wilbur Cross). My husband and I are frequent travelers through this area at dinner time. We take the ferry from Port Jeff into Bridgeport and hit the New Haven/Hamden tunnel right when our stomachs begin to growl. We are familiar with the Dogwood for hot dogs,the Mexican restaurant across from it, Eli's which usually is too crowded on Friday nights with happy hour people, and Katz's deli in Westville. Any suggestions all up and down route 15 are welcome. Thanks in advance

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      1. re: Helene

        If you can make it about 15 minutes past the tunnel, get off at exit 66 in Wallingford and stop at Fratelli's on Yale ave. (don't be put off by the strip mall setting). GREAT inexpensive Italian food.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. The Glenwood Drive-In in Hamden serves one of the best hot dogs in Connecticut. Or anywhere else for that matter. I'm a hot dog fanatic from New Jersey and I've been to Connecticut more than a few times to sample hot dogs. Out of more than a dozen places I've gone to, The Glenwood is right at the top of the list along with Rosco's Big Dog in Hartford. The Glenwood serves a long, 5 to a lb Hummels natural casing dog that is charbroiled. Excellent, and worth the long drive from Jersey.

          1. for chinese in new haven, i've always been a big fan of 'house of chao,' located on whalley near delaney's. always quality and a nice, cozy atmosphere inside.