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Jun 6, 2006 06:40 AM

Best Salmon in Seattle?

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I'll be in Seattle for three nights in mid-August and would be very interested to hear any recommendations of where to go for best salmon and any places which prepare it in special ways. Also interested in any other seafood restaurants. Thanks

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    I don't know why no one has replied to this, but look at any of my entries - I almost always mention Ray's Boathouse - quintessential Seattle - lots of seafood including salmon. I really like their black cod/miso dish. Avoid the crabcakes as they taste like they were frozen too long (probably were).
    Anthony's - there's a number of them - does decent seafood - good for families as well. Elliott's down on the waterfront from downtown Seattle is good. Honestly you'll be able to find good salmon at any of the better Seattle restaurants. It's like steak in the midwest.

    Have fun!

    1. The rubbed, grilled salmon at Etta's. Mmmm.

      1. Ponti Seafood by the Fremont Bridge has excellent Grilled Salmon, probably the best in town. The Crabpot Restaurant is fun if you like the crabboils dumped onto the table in front of you.

        1. It's casual (eat at the counter or take out), but I don't think you can beat the grilled (get it blackened) salmon sandwiches at the Market Grill in the Pike Place Market. It's as fresh and good as anything at more expensive restaurants.

          If you want more of a nicer, sit down place, I'd highly recommend the 35th St. Bistro in Fremont.