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big sandwich

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who in Seattle makes the most gigantic sandwiches NYC style with over a pound of Boars Head cold cuts.

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  1. I can't vouch for the weight of the coldcuts, but Other Coast Cafe in Ballard makes some pretty meaty subs. And I suspect that a man of your appetite might find himself satified with a 12" sandwich.

    1. Try the Buffalo Deli on 1st.


      1. The Other Coast Cafe in Ballard... oh man! I liked it a few years ago. Then we moved away for a few years. Well we just moved back and it's at least as good as I remember. I ordered one-and-a-half sandwiches to go and was presented with a bag weighing several pounds. Three of us feasted quite handsomely.

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          The Other Coast Cafe recently opened another location in One Union Square downtown. I've had a couple of (half!) sandwiches from there and they were fantastic. One of the best reubens I've had.

        2. "I love New York" Deli in the Pike Place Market serves a big big big meat meat meat pastrami sandwich.

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            Second the "I Love NY" call. Got the brisket special most recently, with so much smoked meat and caramelized onions the roll was overwhelmed. Good action!

          2. It;s not a regular on the menu, but I just had a hot pastrami sandwich at Grinder's in Shoreline which was as delicious as it was huge, as are all their other sandwiches.

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