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Oct 5, 2003 08:51 AM

Looking for great buffalo chicken wings in CT

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Hi -- I'm looking to find a Connecticut restaurant with really great wings -- the kind that justify all the calories. Preferably Fairfield or New Haven counties but I'll drive if I have to. Thanks!

T.O. Bill

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  1. Your search for buffalo wings in CT is over!!!! The best is at Archie Moore's Cafe and Restaurant on Willow Street in New Haven CT. They win the Ct magazine's best buffalo wing vote in the state every year! Enjoy!!

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    1. re: John
      Robin Goldstein

      I prefer the wings at TK's (College and George) to the wings at Archie Moore's.

      1. re: Robin Goldstein

        TK's has great wings but sometimes they are small. However, if it is your birthday they are free (# years old = # of free wings)! Pippa's in Danbury has great wings - fewer flavors than TK's but meatier pieces. I also hear that the Bidwell Tavern in Tolland has good wings but have not yet tried them myself. I will get over there one of these days.

        1. re: EAF

          What about JP Dempsey's in New Haven. Supposedly, they have won awards at Wing Competitions as well.

          1. re: EAF

            Bidwell Tavern is the stuff of nostalgia-induced drool; I haven't been there since college, so 10 years or so. But I still dream about their mexican or cajun wings with a bucket of Rolling Rock on a Tuesday night. Anyone know if it's still worth it?

            1. re: ctscorp

              Yup still there, still really good. I think close to 20 varieties, all worth trying.

            2. re: EAF

              TK's now only gives ten (10) wings for your birthday.

            3. re: Robin Goldstein

              Only time I had TK's wings were at Raven's games and they seemed "breaded". Are they that same way at the bar?

            4. re: John

              They are great wings! They also have one near the train station in Fairfield.

            5. T.O. Bill, Great wings at Archie Moore's in Milford Center.

              1. Humphrey's in New Haven has far better wings than Archie Moore's, which although good, are overrated. humphrey's are meatier and spicier (but not too spicy) and the sandwiches are great.

                1. i second bidwell tavern in coventry. if you like hot or buffalo style (they have many flavors), go for the flavor called 'complicated.' awesome.

                  another classic wing in ct is are the 'dirt wings' from j timothy's in plainville. buffalo style wings with the sauce kind of burnt on. sounds weird, really good.

                  as a runner up.. i'd say sliders in berlin/plainville

                  1. In my opinion...

                    1. Archie Moore's-Fairfield
                    2. Tiernan's-Stamford
                    3. East Side Cafe-Norwalk
                    4. Bobby V's-Stamford
                    5. Fireside-Stamford