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looking for good food in Manchester, Londonderry- Derry , New Hampshire area

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Looking for good food in the Manchester area- all suggestions welcome and greatly appreiciated!

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  1. Not sure what exactly you're looking for, but one place that we love to eat at is Down 'N Dirty BBQ on Amory St. in Manchester. The beef brisket is melt-in-your-mouth-divine.

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      I don't make it to Down N Dirty very often, but I really like it too..possibly the best brisket I've had in New England. Great old photos of classsic BBQ places on the walls. This place is the "real thing."

    2. Haven't been there for a very long time (since it opened in fact), but isn't the Homestead down 102 1 1/2 miles west of I-93 pretty good?

      It's certainly got that historic building ambience.

      Link: http://www.homesteadnh.com/

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        Crossroads is uninspired traditional New England food, and VERY popular. It has a nice atmosphere.

      2. A friend recently dined at Baldwin's on Elm, in Manchester and hasn't stopped raving about it since. On the upper end price-wise, but he said well worth it. A link to the restaurant is attached.

        Link: http://www.baldwinsonelm.com/

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          As Manchester center is one of my favorite areas for a short trip I'll mention a few places I've enjoyed or hope to. In the latter category is the Three Clock Inn south of Londonderry just off VT rte 100. It has been mentioned here and sounds like a place not to miss.
          For less formal and perhaps less expensive fare Johnny Seesaw on Rt 11 just east of Bromley serves very pleasant meals at a reasonable cost and provides a very comfortable atmosphere. Closer to Manchester center also on Rt 11 just east of new Rt 7 in Laney's which provides lighter fare at a modest cost and would serve well for families with or without children in tow. Bistro Henry's is gone I believe. South of Man. center on old rte 7 is the Black Swan - a gorgeous looking place which always appealed to me until I ate there. Going north on Rt 100 from Rt 11 in Londonderry leads to Weston VT and the Weston Inn - it has always been recommended to me by the owner of a local motel but I've only been there myself for breakfast several years ago. I know this is rather scattered info but I hope it offers some help.

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            Sorry, I confused your area of interest - thinking VT not NH

          2. My boyfriend and I are always looking for good restaurants to try. Some of our favorites in the area are The Cotton (manchester), Richard's Bistro (Manchester) - it's upper scale, but to die for food. Also try Loafers in salem! Let me know which one you ended up at!

            1. Moved to NH a few years ago from Massachusetts: Here are my favorites so far: All are excellent; and this is coming from a very picky critic.

              Chinese "cuisine" -- Chen Yang Li in Bedford, NH (off rte. 3). The BEST

              Vietnamese: Pho Golden Bowl on Granite Street Manchester, NH Great soup and Pad Thai is excellent. Owned by 2 sisters; food is served hot and everything is cooked to order; nothing reheated or kept warm.

              Italian cuisine -- Piccola on Elm Street Manchester -- Very small quaint restaurant. MAKE A RESERVATION ... if not, it's worth the wait.

              Mexican -- La Carretta 545 Hooksett Rd Manchester, NH (Authentic and fresh)

              Steakhouse -- Hanover Street Chophouse, Manchester Hands down, the best steak anywhere outside of Boston with impecable service. Must have is the Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster... OMG!
              MAKE RESERVATIONS! A bit EXPENSIVE, but worth every penny. Perfect for a special adult evening... or if you're trying to impress anyone.

              Sandwiches/Wraps - Cafe 324 Manchester -- Cheap and AWESOME !!!

              Wine/Dinner & a quiet relaxing Adult Nite Out -- There's only one place...Unwin'd -- 865 Second St, Manchester, NH‎ - (603) 625-9463 Classy place. My favorite place to go in New Hampshire. Scot is the proprietor; he's young, hip and adorable. Did I say that out loud? Food is excellent also; all prepared by an executive chef. Great jazz also.

              Pizza -- Pizza Man in Hooksett or Merrimack. No cookie-cut out pizzas.

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                I tend to agree with most of your suggestions.

                However... despite the fact that I don't like pizza myself, my wife (who was born on Long Island and whose brother owns a couple of pizza places back there) just loves Sal's Just Pizza. She says it's more "authentic" to her, as opposed to the Greek-inspired pizzas she finds most other places. That could just be a matter of personal taste, though.

              2. We like the Depot steakhouse in Derry. obviously good steaks but i have had good fish as well. Cafe Theresa in Londonderry is great for margaritas and appetizers. Commercial street fishery in Manchester is my absolute favorite right now.

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                  We like the food at Derry Depot square steakhouse, but on a recent visit we found the prices astronomically high. We hadn't been in a year and were in sticker shock when we brought my family for dinner. It has become very expensive for the food you get.

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                    Santarpio's - Italian
                    C&K's - Diner type
                    Sandwiches/Subs: USA Subs
                    Thai: Thai Chef
                    Chinese: Master Wok
                    Mexican: La Caretta

                    Sandwiches: Wrap Shak
                    American (w/ambience): Homestead

                    American (w/ambience): The Common Man

                    Italian: La Picola
                    Fine Dining (w/Ambience): Richard's Bistro
                    Fish: Commercial Street Fishery
                    Steak: Hanover Street Chop House
                    Pizza: Alley Cat, 900 Degrees

                2. A good place for breakfast or lunch (the hand-made hamburgers are the best around) go to the Roadhouse on Rte 102 in Londonderry, just south of the Manchester line. This is an old-time place with license plates on the wall. Don't expect much visual appeal from the road. You might even ask yourself "what am I doing here." Give it a try. If you can find a better burger in the Manchester area, I'd love to hear about it.

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                  1. Chinese- Mei's Chinese Restaurant in Allentown, NH (Very Fresh)
                    American and more -The Puritan Backroom in Manchester, NH (kinda weird atmosphere best chicken tenders on the planet... hands down)
                    Airport Diner in Manchester, NH (very good lunch)
                    Spatt's in Auburn/Manchester, NH awesome prime rib

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                      Spatts has closed. Airport Diner is part of the Common Man chain--fwiw. Puritan is a glorified Greek diner--it has its charms but the food ain't one of them.

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                        I am with you on the Puritan, long waits, spotty service, the tenders are tough but plentiful , the dipping sauce is good, but all there is to it is apple sauce mixed with regular ducksauce and loads of sugar. I do NOT like the drinks either, they are small, (unless you buy the nasty bastardized frozen premixed mudslides) weak (including said mudslides) and the bartenders have the friendliness of a Spartan.

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                          We tried Asian Breeze in Hooksett a few weeks ago. Many were ordering their hot pots...where you cook your own stuff...or reheat it..not sure. They are asian fusion with a good mix of japanese chinese cantonese korean and sushi is good. We tried a mix....really like it. Word on the street is that the chefs/owners are from the tapei tokyo restaurant in bedford i think?

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                        I'm not a big fan of the airport diner, but their meatloaf is excellent, and I enjoy their vanilla cokes, which you can't really find anywhere else except bottled and that's not the same stuff as you get from the tap. Too acidic.