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Sep 25, 2003 04:06 AM

LA Hound interested in Cape Sea Grille

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A non-hound recommended this restaurant and I was hoping to get some local perspective

Cape Sea Grille in Harwich on the Cape

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  1. The Cape Sea Grille is a nice place. Atmosphere is good, and, although it is 200 yards or so up the road from the water, you get good glimpses of the ocean on the way in and out and from the windows in the front. The food is creative without being too trendy. The menu is heavy on seafood entrees, as you would expect from the name, but there is duck and beef available as well. My entree of choice has been the seared sea scallops, although the kitchen does many things well. The entrees hover in the $20-30 range, with a couple cheaper. The crowd tends to be a bit older than some other Harwich area restaurants which makes for a more sedate environment. You don't see shorts and blue jeans here. All in all, the Sea Grille is worth a visit. Hope this helps.

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      We used to dine there for Mothers Day and other Spring holidays...always loved it but does anyone else feel the tables are too close together?

    2. Solid and consistent casual fine dining. Pretty sure they have had same Chef/owner for past 7 years or so. Just went through a renovation and added attractive bar area, more casual but full menu available there. Jessica is a gem of a bartender, upbeat and well versed on the menu. You wont be disappointed here.