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Sep 15, 2003 01:08 PM

The Big E..... My report on food I tried

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Good afternoon,
I went to the Big E on opening day. I started off with the areppas from the cuban/latin trailer. 2 corn meal pancakes with melted mozzarella cheese in the middle. They were very good. Next I had the smoked turkey leg from the Pork Palace trailer. This is the 1st time I ever tried a smoked turkey leg,it was ok. The skin was tough and the meat was a bit dry. I am not in a hurry to try it again. Next were the fresh made mini cinnamon sugar donuts. These were very good,I could have eaten them all day. Had the Big E Cream puff after that and it did me in. It was made with real fresh whipped cream and it was huge. I shared it with my friend and after that I could not even look at food for a few hours. We both thought that a bit of chocolate sauce drizzled on top would have been the ultimate. Later in the day we shared the fried cheese curds with ranch dressing. We both enjoyed them even though they were a bit greasy. On the way out leaving I stopped at the cuban/latin trailer and got to go rice and beans,roasted pork,plantains,boiled yucca and a potato ball. I was going to eat them for a late supper when I got home but I was too full so I had it for lunch on saturday. It was good if you like spanish food.
I ended up buying Darby's dip mix herb packages after sampling them. You just mix in mayo and sourcream for a quick dip.
I hope you all get a chance to go up and enjoy the fair.

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  1. Thanks for the report, Richie! Sounds like you didn't even make it to the State pavilions- personally I think that's where the best stuff is.

    I'm not going to make it there this year, will have to make do with a visit to the Topsfield Fair. I'll post separately for recs on that fair.

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      You are so right Chris the time we made it back to the state houses I did not even want to look at food....LOL. I am going to the Orange Country Fair this weekend and the Durham Fair the following weekend. They are both good CT fairs. Have a good time in Topsfield.

    2. See you made the wrong choice at the turkey leg booth, you should have gotten the "pork chop on a stick". Now that was a tasty morsel.

      1. Too bad they don't do deep-fried turkey. A friend from the south made it for me recently. I had to be dragged to the table, but after a bite or two, had to be dragged away -- it was amazingly delicious!

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          I make a deep fried turkey every Thanksgiving, as well as a "regular" one. Everybody loves it, they are the best.