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Jun 2, 2006 03:17 PM

Is there ANY good Chinese food in Olympia???

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Thanks in advance!

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    Olympia Jane

    In a word - No. The stuff served at Chinese restaurants in Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater is uniformly terrible.

    The only good chinese food to be had in Olympia is what you will find inside the huge sacks filled with white boxes of take out that you have schlepped back from the International District in Seattle.

    1. I have had a lot of really BAD Chinese food in the Oly/Lacey area. However, there were two restaurants that I have been to that did a good job with your usual American-style Chinese food. Mei Wei (sp?) in Lacey near College St and Pacific is dark and cavernous, but they knew what they were doing when it came to cooking. If you don't mind the smell of stale smoke it could be worth checking out.

      I also just discovered a new place on 6th, just west of College St - Shanghai Chinese Restaurant and Mongolian Grill. It is a nice cheery place with fast and friendly service. My wife and I got the combination dinners which came with soup, egg roll, sweet and sour chicken, pork fried rice, and your choice of entree. For $9.50 I had about twice as much as I could eat, although it was so good I really wanted to eat more. The sauces were tasty and fresh, and the stir fry had that real wok-hay aroma to it. Now, it's not the same as what you could find in the International District of Seattle, but if you want something a cut above the E.P., G.D., or #1 C.B., then check it out.

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        Thanks CJ for your post. I've been thinking about asking the board about these two places. There is one other I have never tried, a little place just east of College St on Pacific in Lacey, Tea Leaf 2 (no idea what happened to #1). Has anyone eaten there who can give a report?

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          Yes, I have. If you've every had "Mrs. Chang's Frozen Chinese" you've had Tea Leaf.

      2. Pickin's in Olympia for good Chinese or Japanese are slim-to-none. On the brighter (Asian) side, a couple decent Thai places have opened, including Angel Thai on 4th and Racha in the Capital Mall. Also, try some of the Vietnamese places, Bamboo downtown on 4th, Pho Vy on Sleater Kinney across from the Fred Meyer lot, and for Korean, the Seoul on Martin Way north of Tanglewilde. Funky but tasty.

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          I agree- Pho Vy is definitely the best Vietnamese in Lacey. I only had one not-so-good experience when my takeout broth was tepid rather than hot, but otherwise they do a great job. They have even given me tea to drink while I waited for takeout. Their spring rolls are better than the others I have had locally, although I certainly have not tried all the Vietnamese places in Oly.

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