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where are the best pierogis in connecticut???

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  1. Don't know where they are from but I keep seeing billboards all around the state advertising pierogis made from some church or organiztion. If I see them soon I will publish their phone # on here.

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      Try Baltic Restaurant in Kensington or The Fatherland in New Britain, you won't be disappointed.

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        I've worked in New Britain, CT for years. I like Cracovia better than Fatherland. And here's a very odd recommendation - but if you find out when Literacy Volunteers in New Britain is having their annual international potluck supper, for that one night only, you will find the best pierogies anywhere. More than half the adult students are Polish immigrants and every year at least several show their appreciation for the program by bringing delicious homemade pierogies! And hey, maybe you'll end up volunteering... (ok, I admit to personal involvement with this organization!)

    2. Big Y carries pretty good pierogis for cooking at home-- they're called Millie's Pierogies.

      1. There are a number of Polish restaraunts located in New Britain, CT....I've never been to one but I'm told New Britain is the place to go for Polish food!

        1. The pierogies being advertised on the billboards are probably "The Pierogi Priest"'s. Really good pierogies made by Fr. Edmund Nadolny. Couldn't find any info on the web but they can be purchased at "Shop Rite" grocery stores. Also, "The Big E" fair (just a tiny bit out of CT) in Massachusetts has very good pierogies.

          1. Cracovia polish restaurant in New Britain has great fresh pierogis on the menu (along with other traditional dishes). Also, Rosol's (45 Grove St. New Britain) sells peirogis even though they are most know for their amazing smoked kielbasa.

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              wow, OLD thread, hoping someone might have a current rec in FFD county? Growing up we always got pierogi from Wozniaks in New Haven, they're still my all time fav, but a little far now. for anyone hitting Wozniaks, here's a tip: during the holidays they hoard them in the back for regulars and tell the non-Polish speakers (ie me, since my Polish speaking relatives have all -pretty much died off) they're all out. give them a sad story (in my case on last visit, it was perfectly true), and dozens will all the sudden become available....

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                In Shelton - the edge of Ffld County - there's Polonesz Deli on Route 110 across from Sunnyside School. Haven't been in there terribly recently, but last time I was there they had a large variety of pierogies, plus lots of other Polish specialties. It's a fun place to go, and the help is nice.

                Also Lazowiak's on Route 34 in Derby - very popular, but I get the feeling they hold out on their non-regulars, much like Wozniak's.

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                  Yup! Still there. Good selection of bread and sauce-eech too.

            2. Used to be, my mom's! She now lives in Tennessee. Try the Polish National Home in Hartford for a lunch plate which includes all the basics - pierogies, golombki and kielbasa. You will not go away hungry!

              Polish National Home
              60 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

              1. Next August, September and October, start hitting some of the many agricultural fairs around the state. I've yet to go to a good-sized fair in CT that didn't have at least one booth selling pretty damn delicious pierogi. So much so that, while most people associate these fairs with midway rides, tractor pulls, blue-ribbon pumpkins and kettle corn, funnel cakes and cotton candy, I just have to see a ferris wheel and I start salivating for pierogis (and roasted corn and frozen custard...).

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                  Sort of in the same vein, keep your eye on the church-social pages of the paper, particularly around Easter. A lot of churches sell homemade pierogies as fundraisers. A co-worker swears by the ones at the Church of Holy Jesus in Stratford.

                2. As a born in New Britain to a Polish family chowhound, my vote is for Staropolska in NB. The saurkraut and mushroom pierogis are incredible and you can buy frozen pierogis to take home. For what its worth, Yankee magazine named them as Connecticut's must try food in a recent issue.

                  252 Broad St, New Britain, CT 06053

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                    Thank you all - I am inspired, will definately be giving some of these a try in 2011

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                      I adored the food at the Polish National Home in Hartford. Very buttery pierogi and spicy kielbasa. Great old-world atmosphere too, and Polish beer.

                      Polish National Home
                      60 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

                  2. The best pierogi in New England are, hands down, the Pierogi Queen. There are few deli stores that sell them - Lasowiak in Bridgeport and Polonez in Shelton are the ones I know about - but the best thing is to go directly to the producer in Enfield CT.

                    63 Derby Ave Ste 1, Derby, CT 06418

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                      Has anyone ever had the Pierogis at the Polish Deli in Norwalk on Connecticut Ave (Rt.1)?

                      I've had lunch there once from their hot bar, and the food was good, but they didn't have pierogis on the hot bar (probably a good idea). They do have store-made pierogi in the refrigerated case there though.

                      I've been meaning to go back, but I don't work near there anymore, so I haven't had the chance. I need to hook up with a polish friend of mine, as it seemed to me that having someone who speaks polish might really help in there; the store looks to be there mostly to serve polish folks from the community, with aisles of polish food products, polish newspapers, etc.

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                        Had the misfortune to try the Pierogi Queen's goods ourchased from Laswoiak in Derby. Terrible! Thin dough and skimpy filling with little flavor. I bought 6 varieties to try.

                        Our Go To Place is Fils Polish Deli in Cromwell in the shopping center with the Habitat Restore. Puts Pierogi Queen to shame.

                        PLUS: they have a coupon on their website for a free dozen with the purchase of 3 dozen. And unlike Laswoiak, all varieties cost the same, no upcharge for sauerkraut, mushroom or meat.


                      2. You have to eat a pierogi fresh not frozen. The best pierogies come from Broad St. In new Britain ct. Passions bakery on Broad St. makes them fresh by hand . They are huge and so good. Never frozen. Best price and quality.

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                        1. re: Polishman

                          I second that emotion--Broad St. in New Britain is where it's at! Never been to Passions bakery, but I'll look for them next time I go.

                          I love the pierogis at Zieleniak, also on Broad St., of course.

                          Agree, they're best fresh, not frozen--but I do second bagelman's recommendation, as well. Fil's in Cromwell was my go-to place for years before I figured out where to go in Hard Hittin' (New Britain). ;)

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                              I also love being addressed in Polish at the greengrocer. :D I don't speak a word, but feels nice to fit right in when I go. I picked up an assortment today: meat, potato & cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom. Look how beautiful!

                              Look for the Tarczyn brand cherry juice, too--delish!

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                                Another vote for Passions - fresh, generously filled and reasonably priced.

                            2. If you ever make it to S. Coast MA...


                              Don't be frightened by Fieri...

                              1. These are really good, but the shipping cost to Georgia is a lot.


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                                  They've sold Millie's in local supermarkets for years. Trust me when I say they have nothing on the ones bagelman mentioned from Fil's, or better still, the fresh ones on Broad Street in New Britain.

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                                    I never said they were the best I ever had. Those would have to be the ones I had in Zakopane or those made made by my BIL's mother (Mrs. Zakrzewski), but here in Georgia, Millie's beats the heck out of what's available in the grocery store.

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                                      HA! It's part of why I could never move away from here--too many strong, delicious, ethnic ties to my hometown and the surrounding area. Probably why you perfected making your own pizza, right? :)

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                                        Absolutely! Of course, that stemmed from the fact that, for the first 30+ years of my life, I took great NJ pizza for granted. It wasn't until I moved to FL and then GA that realized what I had.

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                                      I'm no expert but I like to think I know my way around pierogi as well as the next non-slav. What I'd like to know is: what became of "Bogdan Boberovsky" (don't hold me to spelling please) who used to advertise on the Sunday Radio Show from the POlish Old FOlks Home polka stuff? Is that outfit still around? I think he advertised pierogi from a family recipe.

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                                        I have no idea about the radio show you mentioned, but wonder if this recommendation from an older post will help you:


                                        If not that post, specifically--lots of good info in the rest of the thread, too. I say, if you're near New Britain: GO. This thread makes me sad I have something completely different planned for dinner as now I would really rather have pierogi and kielbasa tonight. :)

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                                          That is very helpful. Much appreciated.

                                          Used to go to NB to catch the Red Sox farm club there and always enjoyed the place. Often drove from coastal CT to a friend's place in Phonecia NY and Sunday was the best day because of that radio show. I used to pull off the highway as I was losing the station. I once called a Russian friend and held the phone up to the speaker. It is hard to have more fun than that....

                                          Thanks again

                                  2. Are Mrs T's (frozen) Pierogies sold nationally? I live and cook in Chicago, where good pierogies are wall-to-wall, and I don't really think the frozen ones are up to snuff as pierogies. BUT they are useful in another way, if you have access to them---you can use them to make Instant Chicken and Dumplings. Put two boxes of them (the kind filled with mashed potato) in a deep baking dish with several boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into big chunks then fill the dish to the top with chicken broth (from a carton is fine). Cover tightly with foil and bake 1 1/2 hours at 350.

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                                      Don't know about nationally, but they certainly are sold at all major supermarkets throughout southern New England.

                                      Interesting concept for a quick meal from the freezer and pantry.

                                      1. re: bagelman01

                                        I still want to go to New Britain in the worst way now! ;)

                                          1. re: bagelman01

                                            I would love to, but this week is nuts. Maybe Sat? I'll catch you offline to see what we can figure out. :)

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                                            The old Red Sox New Britain cap is my favorite of their logos...even more than the PawSox.

                                            How I miss New England! So much of my heart lies there....

                                            1. re: hazelhurst

                                              Overstood. As much as I dreamed of moving away from here when I was younger, I can't imagine it now. Come back and visit. All sorts of deliciousness is ready to welcome you right back home!

                                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                                You make my heart sing. Let's have some sausage on stuff together.

                                                Some folks just don't understand.

                                                1. re: hazelhurst

                                                  :) Sounds good! A virtual CLINQUE to you!

                                      2. Hey, can anyone vouch for The Old Country Deli in Enfield? I've never been, but savenowct.com has a deal today: FOUR $5 Vouchers for Pierogis, Polish Sausage, Meatballs and More at The Old Country Deli in Enfield ($20 Value)

                                        1. Just made our quarterly trip to Fil's Polish Deli in Cromwell (Shunpike Rd in the shopping center with Habitat Restore-easy access from RT 9 or exit 21 on I-91). Stocked up on their great Pierogi. They make their own, cook and freeze them in dozen packs ($6.99).

                                          They are far superior than any of the other CT brands available frozen in either Polish stores or supermarkets. In addition to all the standard cheese, potato and cabbage varieties they do sauerkraut and mushroom, meat and SEASONAL specialties. We bought PLUM Pierogie that were to die for. The Pierogi are plumped and really overstuffed with filling. They list about 9 varieties on their website, but usually have about 12 in the freezers.

                                          They also ship.

                                          Another great item are there crepes. Slightly thicker than blini, these cheese or cheese/fruit filled vanilla flavored crepes are fantastic. Package of 3 is $6.99. 2 crepes with sour cream or applesauce is a meal, one is a nice dessert.

                                          On the website you can print a coupon for one package of Pierogie free with the purchase of three (in store redemption only).. For years they have been giving a dozen fresh Jumbo eggs from a farm in Durham with a $30 purchase.

                                          They also have a full selection of sliced to order cold cuts, sausages and cheeses and a selection of baked goods and groceries. They make hot luncheon plates or sandwiches as well.

                                          One word of warning: as in many ethnic food stores, CHECK EXPIRATION DATES on packaged grocery items. By the time the merchandise arrives from the home country, it may have a short life or already be expired on the shelf. Fresh baked goods and deli, and cheese items are not a problem

                                          I have more than 8 Polish delis and grocery stores between my home and Fil's, but it's worth the hour drive to stock up.


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                                            I love Fil's, too. And used to go for lunch somewhat regularly when I worked near there.

                                            I hope I'm remembering this right, their Krakow ham is another must-try. So delicious!