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Sep 6, 2003 02:44 PM

Jordan's Red Hot dogs and Humpty Dumpty clam chips going away

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Having just arrived back at my domocile from the Portland area, I had to hang my head a shed a tear or 5 over two bits of information.

First and formost, the rumor that Jordan's meat in maine may be discontinuing it's production of Red Hot Dogs...(for those not in the know, these are actual "red" hot dogs stuffed in a lamb casing, with that wonderfull snap that natural casing dogs have...they evoke many memories of childhood and I love them to death)

Secondly, the news that Humpty-Dumpty chips inc has discontined production of their SOur Cream and Clam flavored potato chips

Now I know both of these pieces of "news" might be pretty meaningless to many, but this was as hurtfull to me as a Penn state native hearing scrapple was outlawed.

I'm devastated.

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  1. I would question the source of the rumor on the Red Dogs. Every gas station that I've been to recently in Maine and northern New Hampshire with a bun steamer still carries Red Dogs exclusively.
    I think Kayem is putting out Red Dogs now too.
    Why not call Jordan's Monday and check it out.

    By the way, Mos-ness salad dressing, The Pride of Portland, is still sold throughout New England. There is no greater dressing to pour onto a heart of iceberg lettuce!

    How about Circus Time Potato Chips..still around?

    Finally, anyone know what happened to Kennebec Spruce Gum??? Haven't seen it around in years!


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    1. re: Vinny Clams

      Hi Vinny,

      Good suggestions, I will ring Jordan's up come Monday.

      I tried contacting Humpty Dumpty through their website but haven't gotten an answer.

      I didn't find any info on Circus time chips but I think remember them from years ago. Did they come in a big can?...I've added a link to a great site for chip reviews below


      1. re: swallace

        Wow, great website. Thanks for the link.

        Interestingly, or maybe not surprisingly, those Humpty-Dumpty Sour Cream and Clam chips are number 6 on their list of the ten worst chips, many of which are Asian seafood-flavored.

      2. re: Vinny Clams

        Spruce gum can sometimes be found in country stores, like Williamstown and weston Vt., not sure of brands though.

        1. re: mike

          Where specifically can I find spruce gum? I've been looking in dozens of country stores, to no avail.

        2. re: Vinny Clams


          I scarfed away two display boxes full when G.F. Carr & Co. stopped making it.

          Chewing a peice RIGHT NOW. Still tastes like sap after 15 years!


          1. re: Vinny Clams

            I just started my search for information about Kennebec Spruce Gum, and found that they closed up shop sometime in the 70's, outlasting most large spruce gum manufacturers.

            I actually found two full packs of Kennebec Spruce Gum in an antique toy that I had stuffed in a closet, still in the box. I don't think it would be safe to chew, as these two packs date back about 90 to 110 years or so.