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Jun 1, 2006 10:33 AM

Chowish Yakima joints

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So....will be going to Miner's and Arctic Circle for lunch and dinner. Anyone got any suggestions for breakfast?



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  1. I don't know how "Chowish" of a breakfast it is but I recently suggested Waffles Cafe on 1st to a fellow Chowhound and she loved it....Simply the best waffles you will ever have IMHO and they use local ingredients in most of their dishes as well.

    I just don't know that I'd call it chowish as it really has more of the feel of a breakfast cafe and thus you aren't going to be wowed by the surroundings and decor.....but the food is solid :)

    Hope you enjoy and please give us a report on your breakfast, no matter where you get it from :)

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      I second The Waffle Cafe! And I didn't even have time. Jane

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        I second The Waffle Cafe! And I didn't even have time. Jane

      2. Speaking of Yakima, has anyone tried the restaurant in the Yakama Cultural center in Toppenish?


        1. Arctic Circle and their TVP've got to be kidding. Nostalgia is highly over-rated.
          If you would like to select a great dish from a creative menu, not to mention a wide selection of excellent wine by the glass go to The Barrel House on First Street for lunch or dinner.
          I’ve stopped in three times when passing through town and enjoyed everything I’ve tried there.

          1. For burgers it's Miners. A Local institution.

            1. For burgers it's Miners, a local institution.