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Aug 19, 2003 07:52 PM

Chinese/Asian grocery store in NH or VT

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Hi, I recently moved to Hanover, NH and am looking for
a good quality (and reasonably well-stocked) grocery
store that sells Chinese or even pan-Asian stuff. Any
recommendations? Surely there's got to be something
closer than Boston's Chinatown which is a good 2.5 hour
drive away.

Hanover is in western NH, right next to VT. It's at
I-91 exit 13 and I-89 exit 18-20.

The so-called "Asian food store" in Lebanon, NH is
really an Indian store with almost nothing Chinese.

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  1. Well, it's at least a 1.5 hour drive away, but the best I've found in the region (I'm in South Central [VT]) is in Hadley, MA (hard by Northampton). Tran's Asian Supermarket is on Route 9 in Hadley, just across the Coolidge Bridge from Northampton. It's a drive, yes, but you can make a real foraging adventure out of it. Tran's has everything you could ask for in an Asian grocery, short of fresh meats. Plus there's Big Y's Table and Vine in Northampton, where you can find an excellent selection of wines and a decent selection of cheeses AND...AND! Trader Joe's is opening in Hadley in September as of last report. So hop on 91 and make a day of it!

    1. A little late coming in on this thread, but there is an Oriental Market (I think it's called just that, but don't remember for sure) in Manchester, NH on the main downtown street there (Elm? or Willow? the one that goes through downtown). Here's a link to some Asian markets in NH - I know Yee's Oriental Market is gone, or at least it's not in the place where it used to be...


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        Forgot to add that the Hanover and Lebanon co-ops both sell some Asian foods.

      2. If you are up for the drive I highly reccommend the super 88 in the boston area MIND BLOWING assortment of all things asian and some have food courts.

        1. The Lebanon and Hanover co-ops have a better than average selection of Asian ingredients, but they are still pretty sparse compared to a good Asian market.

          There's a pretty good one in Manchester, but I don't remember the name. I'll post if I can find it.

          1. Manchester has an increasing Asian population. There is a quite large supermarket (Vietnemese, but including sections of other Asian goods)on Maple St just north of the intersection with Willow. About 1 mile further north on Maple there is the Seoul Korean market and next door an Indian spice shop.