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May 30, 2006 11:04 AM

PDX Ethiopian

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Hi, I've seen reference to several PDX Ethiopian restaurants on the board, but I'd like opinions of which you think is best. 4 adults, 4 kids. Could go for lunch or dinner.

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  1. Most all real holes-in-the-wall, so it can be challenging getting them at one table.

    1st choice: Blue Nile. Friendly. Ask them nicely to turn down the TV (I don't go out to watch TV!) and they will gladly comply.
    2nd: Mudai

    1. I recommend Dalo's on N. Williams, just south of Skidmore, I believe. It may not be the best Ethiopian food in town, but it is definitely very good, and the owner is very accomodating, happy to provide samples, etc. The strange thing about the place is that along with the traditional Ethiopian food, they also have things like tuna salad sandwiches! Anyway, its a friendly hole in the wall, and I have eaten there with a group of four adults and 3 or 4 kids.

      Added bonus (maybe). After dinner you can zip over a couple of blocks to the new Pix for desert.

      1. Thumbs up for the food at Blue Nile and Mudai, although I'd recommend Mudai for your relatively large group, as it's got a larger space and more seating.

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          I wasn't all that impressed with the Blue Nile. Don't know what else I'd recommend. I just wish PDX had better Ethiopian restaurants.

        2. An Ethiopian friend claims that Abol Cafe [923 NE Broadway, 503-281-7961] is the most authentic in town. I have not tried them yet. She says to try: the Fresh meat "tebse" and the Combination plate. Call first, they might be remodeling.

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            I agree, and so does an eastern Oregon friend. We prefer it to Blue Nile.
            Dalo's has a simple, short menu with very good value and food. The space would never be referred to as yuppie.

          2. The phone number listed for Abol is out of order. Does anybody know if this place exists? Usually we go to Queen of Sheba. Nice injera (they let it ferment so it's gets sour). The actual food itself is fairly uninspiring, but it's a world better than Mudai where we went last week. The latter was truly awful. We'd driven an hour just to get there and were impressively ignored despite being the only patrons. Honestly, I don't mind bad service if the food is amazing. If it were possible to get Ethiopian food out of a can (is it?), this is what I'd imagine it would taste like. A huge boo for Mudai.

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              I drive by there all the time, and I noticed within the last few months that the sign appeared to be gone. Sorry!