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Aug 10, 2003 12:53 PM

Ellsworth, Me

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I had some good fried clams (on the recommendation of a local) at Union River Lobster Pot. Get the clam plate, not the "clam slam", which comes with chowder and a clam cake. The chowder was too thick with chopped up clam bits (canned?) and the clam cake seemed like it was clam flavored fried breading. The lobster roll was very good, though unorthodox, served on a hamburger bun! Were they out of hot dog rolls? But lots and lots of very good lobster.
Dinner one night was at Maidee's International Restaurant and Lounge. The restaurant has grown up around an old diner, which is now inside and serves as the bar area. I had a somewhat strange, but good, scallop and crab "stew". The scallops were of the large variety and not overcooked and there must have been crab in there somewhere. It had been dusted with parmesan and passed under the broiler. Strange, as I said, but flavorful. The swordfish was enjoyed by one of my party, and the other dish was called "Three surprise pad thai". More large scallops, shrimp, and chunks of fish. Spicy. Best of all was an app. of mussels in a garlicy cream sauce.
Price tag for 3 us came to about $30/each, including a bottle of wine and one beer. Maidee's also shows a pu-pu platter on the menu.
Maine State law allows you to take home the unfinished portion of a bottle of wine.
Fish Truck: Across from Wal-Mart is a white truck selling fish. We bought two pounds of perfectly wonderful halibut.
Blueberries and Maine corn are everywhere now.

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  1. Pat, we used to get THE most wonderful raspberry pie at a place called Ruth and Wimpy's down Rt.1, in or near Hancock. They do a good lobster, too, but we remember the pie and just drool. It was basically a standard piecrust, heaped(and I do mean heaped) with lightly sweetened berries and topped with freshly whipped cream. They would sell whole pies, too. Heaven.

    1. Did you try Cleonice in Ellsworth ? Great tapas !
      Chases in Winter Harbor has the bet fried clams Down East and I hope you didn't miss Roosters !

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        No, I didn't have a chance to try Cleonice, but I'm glad you've brought the name to this board, because I heard some nice things about it from the local folks. Next time I go, it's on my list. Pat

      2. I'll be in Sullivan Harbor over Labor Day weekend. I'd love to know where "Rooster's" is and what they serve.

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          Wish I could help, Lindsay, but I don't know Rooster's. Maybe someone else will chime in.

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            Roosters in not a restaurant, it is a cooking and gourmet store rivaling anything outside of NYC. They also are known for their coffee beans. It is on route #1 just after the rt. 176(?) intersection -just south of Ellsworth proper (on the righthand side). Worth a visit!

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              Just a small correction; the name of the store is "Rooster Brother." Great store.

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                Thank you everyone for the helpful info!!!

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              OH! Rooster's! I went in there. I was in a restaurant mindset, and didn't make the connection. Yes, what BBK says is correct. It's a very nicely appointed shop, with good prepared food downstairs (great for picnics) and all sorts of cookware too. I think it's worth a stop.

            3. My brother's family lives in Hancock and when we were up for Thanksgiving, we had a great meal at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Ellsworth. It was a few doors down from Cleonice and I can't remember the name, but the food was fine, priced right and I'd love to get the recipe for the spiced Moroccan lemonade...

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                That is Cleonice. I have the lemonade every time I go there!

              2. Cleonice is lovely and delicious. Every thing I've had there was terrific, but the lamb burger haunts me... can't figure out why it is SO amazingly good.

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                  I grew up in Ellsworth (live in NYC now) and have been to Cleonice a few times when visiting my parents. It's definitely the most "adventurous" (by local standards, of course!) restaurant the town has ever had. I just can't help but laugh, though, cause that place used to be a crappy sports bar. I remember my dad taking me there to watch World Cup games when i was 10...

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                    I totally agree about the lamb burger - with a tahini sauce and a delicious cucumber-yogurt sauce - and heavenly homemade pita bread! It comes with a big side salad, and with a glass of spiced lemonade it's around $10. Fabulous. The tapas are delicious, too.

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                      I thought the delicious pitas were homemade too - they're not! I sat at the counter on one visit and asked the delightful counter chef, Jamie. The pitas are Father Sam's Pocket Breads, from, much to my surprise, my old stomping ground - Buffalo! http://www.fathersams.com/regular.htm