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Jul 15, 2003 07:25 PM

Martha's Vineyard suggestions

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I would appreciate any suggestions for Martha's Vineyard as I am about to visit for the first time.

Specifically looking for the following:

1. Best lobster roll

2. Best ice cream

3. Good places for dinner that aren't too expensive and are casual dress

4. Any local specialties that should not be missed.

Thank you.

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  1. I don't know about some of your requests but there is one seafood experience everyone should have: go to Larsen's fish market on the dock in Menemsha and get takeout seafood to eat on the dock. They have a variety of cooked specialties and will do a lobster for you if that is what you want. It is easier at lunch but at night the sunset view from the dock is spectacular. Note: all towns on the Vineyard are dry except for Edgartown and Oak Bluffs; BYOB.

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      For ice cream, it's Ben & Bill's in Oak Bluffs, hands down. Get a cone and take a walk along the sea wall.

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        For ice cream, it's Ben & Bill's in Oak Bluffs, hands down. Get a cone and take a walk along the sea wall.

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          If you want to eat lobsters and steamers at Larsen's , best to call ahead. They'll have them ready for you. Also try their raw bar. Fresh fresh fresh.

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            Awsome experince, one has to try it.

          2. 1. Lobster roll is Grace Church on Friday nights . It is their fundraising so it is all done by the congregation volunteers.The rolls are $10.00 and they are overstuffed with just lobster and a little mayo, no fillers no fluff. Take them to go and walk down to Owen Park for the band concert. No I am not a member of the congregation.
            2. Ice cream -I suggest the Icecream & Candy Bazaar downtown Edgartown right next to Captain Porky's Bait & Tackle. It used to be Mad Martha's had the best but they have gone downhill.
            3. Good food & reasonable prices is an oxymoron on Martha's Vineyard. Chesca's in Edgartown is good food for what passes for reasonable prices here on sunny old MV. Other than that be prepared to spend $150.00+ a couple for very good food or $75-100 a couple for barely edible food. We either dump the wallet and enjoy the islands fine dining opportunities(sp?) or take advantage of outstanding fresh seafood at The Net Result and eat at home

            1. Try the fried clams at the Bite in Menemsha and at the Clam Bar, accross from the flying horses in Oak Bluffs. For great donuts try the Vineyard Foodshop (aka Humphreys) in West Tisbury.

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                W Tisbury Humphrey's is closed. Still in Edgartown, still the best crullers. The clam bar you mention is Giordano's Almost as good as the Bite, better deal. Most of what JDB says is true (re: Grace Church and Mad Martha's), but there are many fine dining establishments that don't rip you off. I look forward to trying the Beach Plum Inn "bistro night" (Thursday) where 3 courses will set you back $45. We had a great dinner at Le Grenier last summer for around $100. Of course, both of these places are BYOB, so you get a break there... but I can name 30 places here that offer good food at appropriate, though not bargain, prices.

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                  Thanks for the heads up re: Thurs. bistro night at Beach Plum. Will also look up Le Grenier.

                  Any other suggestions for good food (but not a rip) are always welcome (bargains are not generally expected at MV!) Have a week there to enjoy as much as possible!

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                    Le Grenier is charming. Upstairs, surrounded by trees with glimpses of Vineyard Haven below, it is lovely. French as can be. Frog legs cannot be beat. Years ago, upon being complimented on them, the owner invited us into the kitchen for a demonstration, complete with samples. Avec bread. And vin. Another bonus? Air conditioning. Have a great trip.

              2. If you are a chocolate fan, you must stop by chilmark chocolates on State Road, about a 1/4 mile past beetlebung corner. the chocolates, which are made from the highest qualty ingredients, are made homemade daily on the premises, and are very reasonably priced ($12/lb?). My favorites are the tashmoo truffles and the tulgeywood.

                Also-- don't miss the clam chowder at the Homeport in Meneshma. You can order it take out in the evenings from their back door. yummy.

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                  I agree whole-heartedly with both your choices.

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                    I disagree strongly with both of these. Bad chowder and bad chocolate

                  2. Just got back from the MV and Cape Cod. Although this initial post is back from 2003, I wanted to provide an update.

                    the trip to Martha's vineyard is worth it, if only for the amazing seafood at The Net Result at Vineyard Haven. The fish & chips are so fresh--not a trace of fishiness and the batter was super light and non-greasy. The lobster roll is succulent and the fried calamari was so lightly battered that you could see the light purply flecks of the calamari peeking from underneath the batter. The lobster roll was lightly tossed with the usual salad fixings but still heavy on the plump juicy and sweet lobster chunklets. plus, with the seafod market side, there are often sales on select seafood which the staff is more than eager to steam up for barely a markup. This past weekend? lobster tails for $6/each. For a new york gal, that is a steal!

                    i'll try to post up pics on my blog later this week. plus the drive from NY to MV made for many successful food stops in hidden seafood joints along the CT shore.