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Jul 8, 2003 08:47 PM

Best spots for coastal trip from SW CT to Westerly/Charlestown, RI?

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We are traveling along the coastline from Stamford, CT to Charlestown, RI for camping at Burlingame Campgrounds and beaching at Misquamicut. Chowhounds, tell me please two things: #1 - What are the best spots in the Charlestown/Westerly area, particularly clam shacks (is Aunt Carrie's, which I've read about here, in this area?) but other "don't miss" spots as well, and #2 - any places close to our traveling route worth taking time out to stop at on the way? Thanks! pixellle

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  1. PLEASE see my "worst chowder" thread a couple of posts down!!

    1. Try Lenny's Fish Tale...There is one in Clinton, CT and another in Westbrook...great fried seafood and wonderful chowder.

      1. Slightly north off US 1 is Captain Jack's (can't recall the name of the town, brain cramp - it's across the harbour from Point Judith. It is full of locals and no one goes home humgry. Fancy? not! but the seafood is very good and varied - from stuffies to italian style preps. It has become a regular for us and we try to get to the Westerly area often, it is a good central location for the area and a base for sightseeing Newport at a more reasonable cost.

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          Cap'n Jack's is just South of Rte 1, East of Charlestown. Take the Succotash Road Exit and it is on your left. Farther down the same road, in the village of Jerusalem is Jim's Dock which also has good seafood and a great view of the breachway.

          Jerry Saywell

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          1. Aunt Carrie's is near the very end of Pt. Judith Rd in Narragansett (just before the lighthouse). Used to be so good, and the porch eating area is still nice and very comfortable post-beach, but the food the past few times I've been has not been so great---just across the street, however, is Iggy's, which is a takeout window only, but picnic table or toting-to-lighthouse eating, and very, very good. My favorite chowder.