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Jun 13, 2003 11:06 AM

Pizza at Sophia's in Portland

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A post about pizza on the Manhattan board just reminded me of our own local artisan bread/pizza shop, which does pizza on Fridays. I think there are four kinds, including a marinara, a margherita (with fresh mozz and basil, of course), a white pizza with herbs, and one with clams and herbs (not very clammy, but good). I think the slices are $3/ea. This is not Angelone's, folks, but serious, crust-focused, fresh-herbed and san marzano-tomatoed real deal. If you're visiting Portland Maine on a Friday, it's a don't miss.

Folks, this place rocks, and only sells pizza on Fridays at lunch til they run out. Other days of the week they have awesome sandwiches, including tuna dressed with olive oil, caponata, and capicola. Or you can get a light lunch that's a hunk of provolone and a slab of fresh bread drizzled with olive oil and covered in cracked pepper.

Also check out the super breads (pugliese by the whole and half, multigrain stirato, soft "luna" rolls, and more) and marvelous and creative Italian pastries, including lighter-than-air almond macaroons and dense, brownie-like, chocolate-chili cake.

Can you tell I love this place? Sophia's is on Market Street in the Old Port, and is open Tues-Fri til around 4.

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  1. Oh, just to clarify, those are 3 different sandwiches, not tuna with stuff piled on.

    1. "This is not Angelone's ". Yeah, I know. Angelone's is still open.

      1. Sophia's is closed, but Stephen Lanzalotta has moved his operation to Miccucci's Market on India Street. He's not serving sandwiches or pizzas anymore that I could see, but that may come down the line. His fabulous breads and other baked goods are available, and he has some prepared items in the refrigerated cases near the deli counter. It's a great fit--Italian market and his Italian peasant-style foods.

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          Last time I was at Miccucci's, Stephen was serving Sicilian pizza. I thought he said he'd have it every day, but maybe it's only served on certain days of the week.