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May 23, 2006 12:11 PM

Dinner recommendations in Bend

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Heading to Bend for two nights in mid June. Looking for good restaurant recommendations for 2-4 people (lunch and dinner) Nothing too expensive as we are on a per diem, but hopefully something with solid food and good wine list.

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  1. I was just in Bend this past weekend and had a wonderful dinner at a new place called 28, at 920 Bond Street. It's been open since January and has great things on the menu and really wonderful staff. They describe their servings as between appetizer and entree size, so easy to order many things and sample. I had smoked trout, a crab cake salad, and a huge banana cream pie for dessert. I also tasted their deviled eggs (a guy at the bar was sharing his food). Their wines by the glass are a generous pour. They own another restaurant (Creole?) which is supposed to be good but hard to get into. I think you will enjoy 28. Don't know if they are open for lunch. phone 541 385-0828

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      Thank you for the terrific recommendations. I'll be sure to post reviews after my trip.


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        I come through Bend every couple of months and always stop at 28. I have always loved it there, they have such a great personable staff, consistent food, and an amazing cocktail list. But I was in there last week and I guess the place is under new management (I don't know if someone new bought it or what!?!?!?) but none of the old staff was there, the food took forever, the service was awful and slow and the place just felt empty. I was sad to see what happened, as this used to be my favorite place in Bend.

      2. After reading the previous post, we need to try 28.

        Having said that, there aren't too many restaurants in Bend that even begin to break the bank, so unless your per diem is unreasonable you should be OK. Blacksmith's is overpriced for the quality/service, but most Bend places haven't yet gotten the big head that Blacksmith has.

        For lunch, two excellent low key underrated places are High Tides and Cafe Sintra, across the street from each other on Bond Street. Can't comment on their wine lists; wine at lunch puts me to sleep. They also have dinner, but we don't seem to make it there for dinner.

        For dinner downtown, Merenda and Cork have excellent food, service, and wine lists. Cork has the better food, Merenda a number of wines available in either flights or 2oz tastings. Not too far outside of Bend on the road to Bachelor are Scanlons and Seasons. Scanlons has all that you are looking for. Haven't tried Seasons yet, but the local word is good; ditto Staccato downtown.

        Ariana's is excellent, but you may find it too romantic for a business trip dinner (!).

        1. here is a good resource for you a dining guide put together by a local newspaper. My personal favs are Cork, Hans, Cibellis pizza, Ariana, Jens Garden

          1. I posted on our recent trip to Bend a couple weeks ago on this board. Definitely recommend Merenda!

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              completely agree. Merenda's is and has been for years, the best restaurant in Bend. Wine list, service, food, atmosphere, scene...its got it all. Never miss Merendas when im in town!