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Cape Cod Help (Martha's Vineyard Too!)

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Heading to the Cape late this month for three days/nights. We are staying at a B & B, so we only need lunches and dinners. Any feedback on the following curiousities? We plan on casual lunches, and a mix of dinners (with one or two splurges).

Baxter's (Hyannis)
Bramble Inn (Brewster)
Brewster Fish House (Brewster)
Four Seas Ice Cream (Centreville)
Inaho (Yarmouth Port)
Mildred's Chowder House (Hyannis)
Misaki (Hyannis)
Regatta of Cotuit at the Crocker House (Cotuit)
Vining's Bistro (Chatham)

Are we missing anything?

Oh, yeah, and if you have any suggestions for a casual lunch (we'll be biking) in Martha's Vineyard, that'd be great too. Thanks!

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  1. On Phantom Gourmet, they had Kerry C. from Ch. 4 early news talking about her favorite upscale dining and she loved Regatta of Cotuit (even tho that name sounds so pretentious).

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      Re: Lunch on the Vineyard -- Linda Jean's is a great breakfast spot, but if I had only one day to spend on the island, I'd eat lunch elsewhere. The food is tasty and generous but is basically standard diner fare.

      If it's a beautiful, sunny day, take a walk along Oak Bluffs harbor and have an outdoor lunch at one of the many harborside food stands such as Nancy's or the Raw Bar. You'll find a bunch of options ranging from seafood and mexican to sandwiches and burgers. Everything is right there, so you can take your pick, and eat your selection while watching the boats come and go in the harbor just a few feet in front of you. Another OB favorite is the Lookout Tavern, which has great sushi and fish sandwiches and overlooks the ferry terminal and beach.

      If you will not be in OB at lunchtime, good choices in Edgartown are the Newes and David Ryan's. Another idea: On my visit last weekend, we stopped at Edgartown's Depot Market, a little convenience store/gas station, and picked up a great picnic lunch. They have prepared sandwiches which are out of this world (Curried chicken & roasted red pepper wraps, buffalo turkey on whole wheat, etc) prepared pasta and potato salads in to-go containers, and wonderful baked treats like brownies and cookies. Add chips and a drink, and, for about $8.00, you're set for the afternoon. We took the lunch out to Mytoi garden on Chappaquiddick and had a picnic.

      Have a great day out there!

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        I can vouch for the Falmouth Harbor Regatta being one of if not the best restaurant on the Cape. I believe it is no more.The Cotuit is less fish based but supposed to be equally good.

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          Thanks everyone! Those tips all sound good---and we'll take 'em along.

          Karl, regarding Abbici, I've read plenty of good opinions. However, we come from an area loaded with great Italian restaurants (Northeast PA) and have become VERY spoiled and particular. Can we get some kind of "only in New England" seafood dish there? Then, we're in! :)

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            SOrry, I missed your reply in an earlier thread yesterday.

            Well, the atmosphere is very, very old New England -- the restaurant is in an old country house (there is a new addition at the back) along the King's Highway. The place used to be the venerable Cranberry Moose years ago, but Abbicci has done a fine turn in succession as a Mediterranean-flavored (not strictly Italian) restuarant.

            Here's their website: call to see if they have any specials that might interest you.

            Link: http://www.abbiccirestaurant.com/

        2. a
          AGM/Cape Cod

          Bramble Inn is great. We went last weekend with friends and tried alot of the menu. Be warned that it is a 4 course prix fixe menu ranging from $50-70 with rates being based on the entree. There is a website with prices that I have hopefully linked below.
          Mildred's Chowder House has been sold. I have no idea of what the replacement is like.
          Vining's Bistro (www.viningsbistro.com) is another of our favorite places. It doesn't take reservations so we usually go for an early meal and then walk around Main Street Chatham. The lobster taco is wonderful.
          Four Seas has great ice cream and hot fudge.

          Link: http://www.brambleinn.com/menu.html

          1. That's a fun list.

            (I wouldn't break my neck to get to Mildred's Chowder House.)

            I strongly recommend The Red Pheasant in West Dennis on Rte. 6A. It's not so much a fish place -- many people think of it as specializing in game -- but the grilled meats, the sauces, the pates and the appetizers are SWELL.

            Avoid the fish stew. Awful. A conspicuous sore thumb on an otherwise great menu.

            A mysteriously overlooked place.

            Oh. And onion rings at Arnold's in Eastham. NOT AS GOOD AS PHILBRICK'S, but Philbrick's is no more. And second best is still very good.

            1. I vote for Baxter's-- It's on the water with nice views and I believe I had broiled scallops and a baked potato (I was following the Weight Watchers program) when we were there a few years ago-- delicious!

              We enjoyed lunch at Linda Jean's in Oak Bluffs during a day trip to Martha's Vineyard. Can't remember what we had, but I remember the dishes being simple, hearty, and delicious. From the Insiders Guide to Cape Cod, 5th Edition:

              Linda Jean's
              no credit cards • 124 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs• (508) 693-4093

              "If breakfast is your bag, then you'll definitely want to check out Linda Jean's on Circuit Avenue. Fluffy pancakes made from scratch are as good a way as any to start the day on the island. A year-round family-owned restaurant, it is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. Linda Jean's also serves lunch and dinner--check out the seafood platter with a full plate of clams, scallops, shrimp, haddock, fries, and cole slaw. Good stuff! Open year-round, it has been an Oak Bluffs fixture for 20 years."

              1. As for the two Japanese places, Misaki is the better and,in my view, has more authentic Japanese cuisine than Inaho. Inaho is in a nicer location, but, in my humble opinion, if you are going for the food, Misaki wins, hands down.

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                  I went to Misaki recently and was pleasantly surprised. It is very authentic Japanese, homestyle, and had one of the best versions of udon I've had in a while. The sushi is also some of the freshest I've had in a while. Just be aware that service is rather slow and limited, so try to go early.

                2. For casual dining and delicious seafood try Cook's. One in Hyannis and one in Mashpee (I think). You order at the counter and someone brings the food to your table. The seafood is delicious. Not just fried..they offer broiled and baked as well. If I remember correctly, they have a full liquor license.

                  1. What about Abbicci on 6A in Yarmouthport? Is there a reason you did not want to try it? It's wonderful.

                    1. Although the places i went to arent on my list, just got back from the Cape yesterday and posted a food review.

                      1. U have GOOD taste:

                        Inaho has super sushi. Snobby owner (the woman) but the best sushi.

                        Bramble Inn used to be my fav. Let me know how it is.

                        Regatta is divine ..make sure you find a room that suites you..there are several to dine in. Get the Routz Cellar Pinot Noir..ahhhhhhhhhh (Russian River)..we heard it was great..I had it elsewhere later (last week in fact) and loved it..

                        Misaki is really good but small.

                        Mildred's is gone..nothing there as of yesterday.

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                          In Orleans there is Land Ho! Has a bar, always crowded though, great food, the usual though, burgers, seafood. I highly recommend it even there is a wait. Also in Orleans, if you are looking for a good italian place Rosina's is very good. Entrees however can get a bit pricey but I have enjoyed a few good meals there.

                        2. That's a pretty good list with a couple of exceptions. Mildred's has never been better since they leveled the building last summer....sorry, but it was dreadful. brewster Fish and Inaho are two of my favorite spots on the peninsula. Regatta in Cotuit is nice and the old captain's home is lovely, but 902 Main in So. Yarmouth does the same kind of food on a much higher level. Baxter's is to be avoided unless you absolutely have to eat on the harbor in Hyannis. Its a shame that so few decent waterfront restaurants are available in the Mid-Cape area. The Ocean House in Dennisport which is usually more hit than miss is one exception. I also like Abbicci, especially at lunch.

                          1. If I were going to MV with my bike for lunch, I would want to be outdoors as much as possible. If your ferry gets into OB, follow the advice about wandering by the water and getting some seafood. I would NOT go to Linda Jeans. If you get into VH, I would take the bike to the Net Result, which would be a two minute bike ride, for some great sea food take out. They have benches there or you can bring it to Eastville Beach right down the road and eat it there.

                            1. Just back from the Cape this week. Have to recommend The Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet. I had a fabulous lunch of pan seared dayboat scallops atop baby spinach salad with fresh strawberries, slivered almonds and a light poppy seed dressing. YUM! The restaurant opens early for breakfast and serves lunch until 1. They close in between lunch and dinner service. The dinner menu was very nice, entree prices range $15-22. Staff was wonderful!

                              1. Siena in Mashpee has excellent Italian food, and surprisingly good seafood (this is the Cape, after all) -- A+ calamari. They once had local Bluefish as a special -- Only one person at our table dared to order it, but everyone wanted a taste - it was superb. completely fresh.

                                1. I can't believe nobody has weighed in on Four Seas - delicious ice cream (try the coconut) in a classic spot. Other thoughts:

                                  Baxters - The bar is a great spot for drinks (watch out - they pour with a heavy hand), and the food is fine, but I would plan dinner somewhere else
                                  Inaho - It's been a couple of years, but my recollection is very good, if traditional, sushi

                                  Some other places worth mentioning: The Paddock in Hyannis - old school atmosphere and service, food is quite good. Also a fan of Fazio's on Main St in Hyannis - surly owner but the pizza (thin-crust) and pasta are worth it. Spanky's in Hyannis - try eating here after your drinks at Baxter's, the fried seafood is better (and the drinks are still good). Have fun!

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                                    Four Seas is a love it or hate it type of place...count me in the latter...just too sweet to my taste and when I order pistachio i want nuts, not little unidentifiable specks in the cream. Cape Cod Creamery is the current choice for those in the know. Smugglers in Dennis is second best.

                                    Baxters is little more than a tourist rip. Sure, the settings ok so a rec for drinks is the way to go, but I'd stay away from the food. There's another post here that asks how they can charge $28 for a clam plate. The answer: because so many don't know better than to walk away.
                                    Inaho is terrfic, also Misaka in Hyannis for sushi. Paddock has sadly gone downhill in the last couple of years. Always reliable, its now somewhat hit or miss. Fazio's is okay, Alberto's is a big notch above, but for pizza in Hyannis (or the entire Cape for that matter) Palios is the best by far. Spanky's Clam Shack? Really?

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                                      I'll second every comment by CapeCodGuy except the one about Four Seas -- If you don't want sweet, try the ginger ice cream. I will admit that their strength is in flavors that don't have lots of things in them. They don't even have jimmies (sprinkles) to put on the cones. Also -- go in the door on the left and sit at a table. An employee will come over to you, and you won't have to stand in line for the counter.

                                  2. I second 902 Main in South Yarmouth as excellent. We also like Abicci, although the new renovation isn't as cozy as it used to be. I've only been to the Red Pheasant once, it was good, if ordinary, but it's been a few years.

                                    1. wanted to thank everyone for their recommendations and provide an update of my experience this past weekend.

                                      Favorite seafood shack? The Net Result (neighbors of the oft-mentioned Art Cliff Diner) on Vineyard Haven. So delish and fresh. there was no hint of a fishy smell and the turnover on everything both on the order-out side and the fish market/counter side meant that everything was made to order. The batter on all the fried items--from the fish & chips to the calamari---was delicate and non-greasy. Purple flecks peeked out from underneath the calamari's golden batter coat while the lobster roll was heavy on large nuggets of sweet, juicy lobster. I'm going to try to upload pictures on my blog later this week so that everyone can see what they should aim for on their next trip to the vineyard!

                                      as for a casual fry shack w/easy summer ambiance overlooking the water, just take a quick bus/bike ride over to Oak bluff for nancy's. Avoid the shrimp which is just generic and can't hold a light to their delicate onion rings or clam strips. really casual and everything is walkup so you just pay as you go for drinks and food. the other places can get quite claustrophobic with their small bar space of structured pen-like restaurant set-up. more for the casualness and ambiance (and a beer at sunset), rather than a strong food showing!

                                      also, made for a great time driving from NYC to Cape Cod with ton's of great Connecticut seafood shack stops, if anyone is curious.

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                                        Where did you stop in Connecticut at these "seafood shacks"? We're looking to take a drive to middle to eastern Connecticut shore this weekend, and I love that type of food (been to Sea Swirl in Mystic, that's about it). Is there anywhere you'd recommend?