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May 28, 2003 10:09 AM

Restaurants near Mass. Pike exits 10, 10A, or 11

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Will be meeting family members from other parts of New England for a weekday lunch soon and the area around these exits (Auburn, Millbury, Grafton) is central for all. Any suggestions of good places, relatively quiet, etc. in that area? Thanks.

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  1. There is nothing at all near the Millbury or Grafton Street Exits. You would have to drive a while to find anything. The Auburn exit is your best choice, although not much better. Most of the options are pubs. Picadilly Pub, Marguerita's, Chuck's Steakhouse, etc. I recommend going either a little further up to Sturbridge and try the Public House. Its the closest place to the Pike I can think of. Or take 290 back into Worcester, it is literally about 8 minutes from the Auburn 290 exit.

    1. The Racha Thai, in a strip mail at Route 20 and Greenwood Street is very good Thai food, big enough for a family gathering and reasonably priced -- also has drinks if you want. It's not even 5 minutes off the 10A exit. Take Rte 20 west. It's at the first intersection.