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May 13, 2003 08:22 AM

What good to eat in Portsmouth, NH these days.

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Please give a good overview, both for lunch and dinner, as we will be stopping off for the evening shortly.
Many thanks!

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  1. Not fine dining, but I had a good meal at the Portsmouth Brewery a week ago on my way through town. I had a grilled salmon sandwich, and it really hit the spot, especially since I don't think brewery food is usually all that good. The beers are awfully good too, and they have a rotating selection which includes cask ales in the basement.

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    1. re: johnnym
      Rich in Ansonia,CT

      Make sure you have dinner at Lindbergh's Crossing. It's not to be missed! I think they have a site . Richie


      1. re: Rich in Ansonia,CT

        Lindbegh's is one of my favorite restaurants in Portsmouth. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it. Downstairs is a bit more formal (but still casual) and upstairs is the very casual bar area (same menu).

        There are quite a few good places to eat in Portsmouth Are you looking for anything in particular?

        1. re: Chris B.

          I love what is fresh, hence seafood. oysters especially. sushi, thai, vietnamese all come to mind.
          I do remember the blue strawberry, I guess they are not in Portsmouth any longer?

          1. re: wb

            For sushi...Sake is great..right downtown

            1. re: wb

              You might be thinking of Blue Mermaid, they are still there.

              I'd recommend Jumpin Jay's for dinner. Hard to get into, at least it has been everytime I try to go there. You might get a reservation. Very good, fresh seafood.

              For sushi either Sake or Sakura, both are downtown.

              IMHO, the best pizza north of Boston is downstairs at the Gas Light, a candidate for lunch maybe. No really good Thai in Portsmouth.

              1. re: humin32

                Nope...the Blue Strawberry is an old restaurant in Portsmouth....back when Buddy Haller was cool and didn't do loads of coke

                1. re: e

                  Bwah! I remember Buddy H., pre-cokehead. The Blue Strawberry was great back in the day, I was sorry to see it go downhill and close. Still have the cookbook, somewhere...

                  1. re: e

                    I took a cooking class taught by Haller last winter, at Atrezzi in downtown Portsmouth area. Nice guy, he is semi retired, survived cancer a few years back. Told stories of the old days, and cooked a pretty decent meal. He still lives in the area.

                2. re: wb

                  The Blue Strawberry is gone, and so is Lindbergh's, BUT in the same location as those two is a superb place called the Black Trumpet. Very unique and innovative flavors. Chef is the owner and it shows in the food !

              2. re: Rich in Ansonia,CT

                No longer is it Lindbergs. It is Black Trumpet. Chef owned and operated. Over-rated if you ask me.

            2. just moved to the area and absolutely love trying all the wonderful restaurants. With that said, here are a few that I have been to so far:

              Bela Luna- new american bistro, reasonable prices, great staff, nice eating areas upstairs and down

              Jumpin Jays- clean, fresh fish.. fun atmosphere, great service. simple fish cooked right, bar looks great as well..

              Neptunes-I would skip it

              Muddy River Smokehouse-after travelling to Austin Tx, Kansas City and Memphis over the last 6 months, I must say that this bbq is absolutely fantastic... for those who love bbq, this is the place..

              Redhook and Portsmouth Breweries- great brew pubs, like the brew at Redhook a bit better

              there are just sooo many great looking restaurants, you will probably have a fantastic time no matter where you go! Depending on when you come, Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery point looks like a blast.. have only ridden my bike past it a couple dozen times, but can not wait for it to open, probably near memorial day... fresh lobster on the creek...

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              1. re: christian

                The big draw to Chaucey's isn't the food per se. The allow BYOB, and sides that aren't sold on the premises. And if you go around 1:30pm to have lunch, you can stay most of the afternoon. Last year 12 of us went and we stayed for over 3 hours. The table next to us, had a battery operated blender, and had a real party going on. Not that we didn't, we got creative and had tons of drinks, apps and sides ourselves.

                The food is just okay. But we ordered a steamed lobster each and you can't go wrong with that!

              2. 43 degrees north - Best place I ate at on my visit.

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                1. For lunch I would recommend Emilio's, across from the post office on Daniel Street. Also, Takeaway Cafe, just over the bridge going to Kittery.

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                  1. I saw a post earlier saying that Black Trumpet is over-rated. I respectfully disagree. In my opnion it's the best dinner north of Boston. And from my Boston experiences, it's probably better than most down there. Friendly Toast is a cool lunch option, flatbreads has some delicious pizza options. I would skip Popovers - we had a chicken pizza there with the bones still in the chicken! Poco's is inexpensive and always fun. Jumpin Jays has very fresh, nicely prepared seafood. Gas light is always solid too.

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                    1. re: pastryprncess

                      Word of warning on this thread--some of the posts are from May 2003, and some are from May of 2008. Explains why many of the recommended spots are closed, or changed.

                      I'd think any discussion of Portsmouch might also mention Anneke Jans in Kittery, just across the border.

                      1. re: winedude

                        Thanks for the warning, I hadn't noticed the dates. To add my 2 cents, I love The Friendly Toast for breakfast, but definitely stay away from Jumpin Jays, they often substitute frozen fish for fresh.

                        1. re: terrystu

                          I ate @ Jumpin Jays on Friday, the 30th, and it was pretty awful. Everything that came out of the kitchen, except for the chowder, was bland and poorly executed. We had two items taken off our bill because of it. It was my first time to Portsmouth and I'm really sad we wasted our time at Jays.

                          1. re: bansheegrrrl

                            Why go there, many other great places.

                              1. re: terrystu

                                unfortunately, i didn't check here first... blech.

                              2. re: bansheegrrrl

                                Why Jumpin Jays tends to gets the nod for seafood over other local establishments is beyond me. Whenever I get the chance, I encourage people to go across the street to Pesce Blue.