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Apr 7, 2003 11:31 PM

Local foods in Keene, NH area?

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Just moved to Keene, NH and am searching for good sources of quality local produce, meats, cheeses, breads, etc. I prefer buying direct from producer and am willing to travel within 20 miles or so, but would also welcome retail sources nearby. I know some seasonal sources (farmers' markets and stands) may not be open for a while, but I'd love the tips anyway, so I know where to head once the season starts. Any suggestions?


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  1. There is a nice little farmer's market in Newport on Friday afternoons during the summer - not huge but nice, with lots of baked goods and homemade foods and crafts. Also good goat cheese.

    There is a farmer's market in Keene, behind the Colonial two days a week. Worth taking a look at, but not a huge selection. Often, just one or two vendors.

    Walpole is good for Burdicks chocolate. Putney, VT has Vermont Shepherd Cheese. Grafton, VT also has really good cheese. Good blueberries in season in Acworth.

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      Have you checked the state farmstand website?


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        catt in keene

        green wagon farm is on upper court st, open seasonally and is a wonderful place; only pick what they can sell that day. worth the cost for freshness, go early for best selection. there is also good local bread sold 1-2x per week at blueberry fields (near downtown, organic food store) and another place on main st (name escapes me right now).
        for meats, paul's choice (local butcher) also on upper court st is the best meat in town.

        1. Blueberry Fields in Keene (on Island Street I think) is a nice year round organic market. Also Stonewall Farm you can sign up to pick up fresh milk (you even know what cow it came from)

          1. Monadnock Berries in Troy has pick your blue, rasp and straw - berries in season. Also currants.