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Mar 25, 2003 09:31 AM

East West Grille in Hartford?

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Is this restaurant still in existence? Has anyone been there recently? Would it be a good choice for an early evening meal (after watching a 5 pm lacrosse game at Trinity)? Is there something closer to Trinity that might be fun? We are driving back to Trenton NJ after dinner, so not looking for a long and costly experience. Do they serve beer/wine? What does one eat in a Laotian restaurant? We like Indian (spicy foods).

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  1. If you're going to be at Trinity, I recommend Timothy's on Zion St., about a block away from Trinity. It's not anywhere near Indian or Laotian but it's really good. Simple fish and vegetable dishes, mostly with a mexican-ish thing going on. Really fresh vegetables. Try it, you'll like it!

    1. east-west grille would be an excellent choice. it's about 5 minutes from trinity, on new park ave. laotian food is very similar to thai. the menu has fairly traditional thai specialties and about 10 authentic and unusual laotian specialties. we had an excellent red curry w/softshell crab, pad ke mow noodles and 3 laotian dishes, all great: beef noodle soup, grilled sausage w/sticky rice and chili sauce, and thinly sliced beef marinated and fried, a spectacular take on beef jerky. east-west is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. the breakfast is american-style but the owner told us she would make the laotian sausage if we asked.

      1. East-West Grille is still open. Minola (the owner) is a fabulous chef. Try her summer rolls and Sai-kock. Its one of my top 10 in Hartford.

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          I remember stopping here maybe 3 years ago and the food was outstanding! The service left a little to be desired though, not that it was bad but only one waiter spoke english and he was rude!I keep reading that the service has really improved and is great this true, has the staff changed? I plan on being in W.Hartford some time during the holidays and would like to stop in.

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            they have hired a counter person who speaks good english and can actually take an order over the phone (and get it right) which was a problem when i first moved into w. hartford. the food is still in top form and service is good when its not totally packed. still byob which i like.

        2. Based on older chowhound reccs, we stopped here on the way from NYC to Boston -- in addition to its other wonderful qualities, it's just a few minutes off I-84 (exit 44) and has an enormous vegetarian selection (about 75% of the menu can be vegetarian).

          They bill themselves as Lao-Thai -- and although a large part of the menu looks like a Thai restaurant, the organization is more like what I've seen at Cambodian Cuisine (in Brooklyn) -- you select a dish, and then select what type of meat you want in that dish. The food was flavorful and spicy, and not quite as sweet as Thai food usually is. And it's so nice to be able to get a (delicious) veg tom yum!

          Not to mention the decor -- "Eastern Food in a Western Setting" -- a shiny red-and-chrome diner with gingham curtains, east asian silks on the walls, conical straw hats on all the coatracks, and bamboo on all the tables.

          Service was fast & friendly -- this place is delicious & a godsend to vegetarian travelers!

          1. I love East West Grille. I do wish they had a liquor license though but the food is always fantastic. On occasion I agree that the service is a little slow. On another topic when ordering take-out from there it's often to plan to double the time they say the order will take. I've gone to pick up food after the standard "25 minute" wait only to sit on a stool at the counter for at least another 20 minutes.

            I love the Pad Rad Na and a friend is so in love he-may-as well-marry the Kai Ka Prow.


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              personally, i love the lack of liquor license (llll). hoppy ipa's go really well with spicy food, and the standard fare for booze-slinging thai restaurants is bland, sweet singha. a 6-pack of dogfish head 60 minute or smuttynose finest kind satiates two hearty diners and NO CORKAGE FEE!