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May 18, 2006 03:13 AM

pok pok

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Following earlier mentions on this board, I finally trekked over from Beaverton. Well worth the long drive! This little shack with mostly outdoor tables is now one of my favorite Thai places in town. Menu is very small but whatever I had was well prepared and ingredients seem fresh and of high quality.

Pok Pok special: game hen roasted over their unique rotisserie grill + terrific papaya salad + nice, not-too-sweet sticky rice. ($9)

Muu Sateh: Excellent pork loin skewers, served with the best Peanut sauce that I have had to date. ($7.50)

Friendly owner and staff rounded up the good experience. (3226 SE Division. 503.232.1387; Mon-Sat L:11:30-3:30; D: 4:30-9:00)

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  1. Try the coconut rice sometime. Cuts a little of the papaya salad's fire.

    (And don't you just love saying "Pok Pok"?)

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      My favorite dish is the khao man som tam, which has the green papaya salad with the coconut rice and the caramelly shredded pork. Had it today, in fact, along with half a chicken, mango sticky rice, and khao soi. The chicken and pork were a little worse than normal, probably because we were there about 2:30pm, but still quite good. And at the prices, it's hard to complain when they're not as awesome as they can be and only damned good. I took a friend from out of town (a chef from Chicago) to Pix afterwards and we felt like the fat guy in Meaning of Life when we got done. I'm going on a bike ride now.

    2. I just found out about this restaurant online. I used to live in Chiang Mai and this place seems to have ALL the foods I crave from there! I can't wait to make an excuse to go to Portland and eat there. Hell, maybe I'll just drive for three hours and eat there :).

      (And head across to Pix for dessert... cause it's great, not just because it would be fun to eat at "Pok Pok" and "Pix" in the same night.)

      1. About f'n time, aristo. Make sure you take your whole family some time so you can try everything on the menu. My favorite is the khao man som tum, the papaya salad with coconut rice and braised, caramelly pork. Terrific combo. I like Malay Satay Hut's satay better (more charred), but theirs is still better than 96.7% of other places in town. If I had the ability, I would post a beautiful picture of their food here right now. Looking forward to the full restaurant opening this year.

        1. I finally made it down to Portland and to Pok Pok. The gai yang (game hen) and papaya salad were pretty good... but the kao soi was simply phenomenal. The best kao soi I've had in America, possibly tied with Madam Mam's in Austin Texas. Pok Pok's kao soi tastes exactly like what I remember in Chiang Mai - I'd forgotten what it was really supposed to taste like until I had a bite and had a spicier version of a Proust madeleine moment.

          Their noodles taste fresh and have the right rippled form. The soup is flavorful and interesting. The chicken is tender. I want to drive back to Portland and eat more!

          Oh, and the staff were really sweet.