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Mar 10, 2003 11:07 AM

best lobster in/near Portland area?

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My brother is coming to Boston from Kansas next week and can't wait to drive to Maine to induldge in some real seafood and lobster. Where's the best lobster in or near Portland? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try driving to canada for the best lobster in the world the water is colder so the lobster will be better. Forget the myth that maine has the best lobster it is not true at all.

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    1. re: Great-Scott

      I suppose 36 degrees isn't cold enough for you? That's what Casco Bay is right now.

      As for best lobster, any dump in Maine can steam a lobster. Much as I don't like either place, you can go to Cap'n Newick's in S.Portland for a place where they call your number out over the loudspeaker, and most everything besides the lobster is fried (most of the other of these types of places are closed for the winter), or you could go to DeMillo's on the Portland waterfront, for basically the same food (but for more money), but nicer atmosphere. Most really nice restaurants in Maine don't serve plain steamed lobster.

    2. Cindy's in Freeport, ME makes up for its appearance with great food. Cindy's is a house trailer off Rt. 1 Exit 17 and just a short drive from Portland. It's seasonal and may not open till mid-May.