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Jan 22, 2003 10:31 AM

great BBQ & beer in North Conway, NH

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Spent the MLK weekend in North Conway and stayed at the inn at the Moat Mtn. Smoke House & Brewery. I had heard they had good beer and the rooms were cheap but I had no idea how great the food and beer would be.

We were absolutely thrilled with it all. The fresh brewed beer is top notch. When we were there they were serving a porter, lager, weiss, pilsner, and pale ale in addition to other beers they do not brew. The pale ale is one of the best I have ever had, absolutely perfect, full body with a nice hoppy finish. 20 oz. beers are just $3.50.

On to the food... We ate there three days in a row. We learned on our first day there that they have a good rep for their nachos, and for good reason as they were amazing. We tried the Sante Fe and the Smokehouse nachos. Both were terrific. They serve them on a great big cookie sheet. They are absolutely a meal. All of the fixings were fresh and good quality. My only complaint was that the side of guacamole wasn't very fresh, the avocado had started to turn.

The other nights we enjoyed BBQ. I love southern BBQ, this was not quite southern but it was very very good. The homemade BBQ sauce drizzled over their excellent St. Louis ribs was thick with a little heat and a wonderful apple taste. It was quite good. I love vinager on my BBQ and unfortunately there was none to be had. Everything is smoked; chicken, beef, and pork. If you like smoked meats you'll love this place. The brisket and pulled pork were wonderful.

If you're heading up to hit the slopes this season, it might be worth checking out. Rooms are only $49 a night!


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  1. I agree with everything you say. The people who own it are friends of friends. The husband used to own a great little restaurant in Portland, Maine called Federal Spice. It took a few years for Moat Mountain to gain any popularity but I hear they're very popular now and have won over the heart of the "locals".
    I'm happy for them, the beer and the food are truely fantastic and they're nice people to boot.

    1. Ate at moat mountain last weekend after hiking washington and boy was it perfect for us. I have to say the pulled pork was definately sub-par but the brisket nachos were amazing! Nice bbq sauce and good beer. A friend had the brisket chili and loved that as well. Oh and nice sweet potato fries.

      1. I went here over the summer. The curried crab and corn bisque was the best soup I'd had all year and the Carolina hushpuppies (served with maple syrup for dipping) were totally delectable, too. Too bad I live 600 miles from North Conway, I could go for some of that good stuff right now...

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          600 miles away? I feel your pain!

          I live about 100 miles away, and only get to go to North Conway about a half dozen times a year.

          Moat Mountain is a great place. It is a favorite of the locals, and is also a place sought out by tourists. The bartenders are very knowledgable about their beers and are great at making recommendations to people that may be confused by the names and styles of the local brews.

        2. Another yay for Moat! It was a regular stop for us when we were regular skiers at Attitash (pre-kid). Nice beer, unpretentious tasty food, laid-back atmosphere. It's all good.

          1. We stayed at the inn this past winter, very nice.

            I love the beer.

            I really like the atmosphere and good service.

            That all being said, I can say that I tried the food several times over the past three years and cannot say I was wowed by it. It’s not bad, but it’s not that great either.

            Just my 2¢.