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Jan 17, 2003 02:02 PM

Mexican in RI?

  • k

I really like Mexican food, but haven't found any really, really good mexican food in RI. I am looking for something as close to authentic as possible. Don't get me wrong, Chili's has some good food, but it's not exactly authentic.

For anyone in the Northern VA/DC/MD, Anita's is a good measuring stick.


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  1. d

    Chili's has some good food????? Not Likely.
    Try Mexico on Atwells Ave not too far from Mt. Pleasant Ave, you might have a slightly better Gordita there. Don't miss out on the trio of salsas they have too.

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    1. re: DodinBouffant

      Mexico is awesome, but I prefer to take out from there. Don Jose Tequila's on Atwells is very good as well. There really aren't many good mexican restaurants in RI that aren't chain-like.

      1. re: DodinBouffant

        Amen. I think Mexico has the best Mexican in all of New England.

        Goat tacos, baby!

      2. I always wanted to go to Rojelio's Railway Café which was reviewed in the New London Day back on 3/4/1999. I'm not sure of how they've faired over the past four years so definately call. This is in South County near Westerly.

        Rojelio's Railway Café, 196B Shannock Rd, Shannock, RI 401-364-9250 5:30AM-1:30PM M-F, 4:30-8PM F, 6A-12:30PM Sa & Su

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        1. re: Ben

          Rojelio's sadly doesn't exist any more. It was pretty authentic and overall excellent. Mexico on Atwells Ave is very authentic. I highly reccomend it.

        2. I have been a patron of Mr Taco in West Warwick for YEARS! I love the chile con queso (aka Vat of cheese) and the quesidillas are good too. The food is cheap, the service is great and the 'ritas are tasty! Very casual, family atmosphere. Great place to just hang out w/ your friends and have FUN!!!

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          1. re: Polly V

            I agree about Mr Taco, but I won't go back there because it is way too smokey! Even when I was seated in the non-smoking section it was too much. Such a shame cause the food was incredible.

          2. Also on Atwells Ave. is Chilangos, a fantastic, inexpensive, Mexican joint. It is really cheap and good. Try the torta (mexican sandwich).

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            1. Is Tortilla Flats (Hope ST in Providence) still any good? It's been there for 30+ years, it must have something going for it...

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              1. re: aunteejoy

                The food at Tortilla Flats is so-so. The only thing it has going for it are the chips and salsa and decent bar scene.