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Dec 14, 2002 09:59 PM

Good Food in Sugarbush, VT.

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Looking for good places to buy groceries and dine in Sugarbush, Vermont. We'll be staying there part of next month and will have access to a kitchen.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Sandwiches and/or breakfast burritos at the Warren store are a must. Also, look for the "tiny donut shop" , in Waitsfield, next to Meurons supermarket. They have these little tiny maple donuts that are incredible.

    For a fancy, and pricy, meal you might want to check out the Pitcher Inn.

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    1. re: Jay Scott

      I'm not sure if American Flatbreads in Warren is still doing a pizza night (Fri or Sat) but if they still are, go. They are on Rt. 100 - ask a local for directions. It's close to Sugarbush. Delish.

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        For shopping, there are two markets -- Mehurons, a private IGA, with a surprising range of quality foods, excellent meats and seafood and one of the best wine shops around. The veggies are generally better at the Shaws located on the opposite side of Route 100. There is also a small health food market -- Sweet Peas -- near Mehurons in "Irasville" (the commercial center of the Valley).

        Flatbread is still serving on weekends and is worth the wait. A new place -- Easy Street Cafe and the Purple Moon Pub -- makes great breakfasts and lunches. Its located about a mile south of Irasville.

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          I am doing homework for the Culinary Insitute of America: 2 question,
          1)What developments led to New england cookery?
          2)Why do we find sweetness to be a major flavor profile in New England?

    2. Sugarbush has seen recent growth in prepared food and grocers! Visit Sugarbush Village for gigantic sandwiches at Mutha Stuffas, pub food at the Pine Tree Pub, and the best slice of pizza north of NYC at Pizza Soul. Now you can stay satisfied without even leaving the mountain!

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        I have heard really good things about Timbers which is at the base of Lincoln Peak. I hope to get over there and try it one of these days. American Flatbread in Waitsfield is definitely worth a visit.
        If you feel like driving "over the mountain" (Route 17 west) to my neck of the woods, I highly recommend the Bobcat Cafe in Bristol. You'll need a reservation.

        EDIT-just realized this post is from 2002. OOPS. :)

        American Flatbread
        46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

        1. re: bm_vt

          The original was 2002, but the one you responded to is 2011. :)

          Sugarbush is the Waitsfield/Warren area?

          1. re: Morganna

            Good point Morganna :)
            Yes..Sugarbush is in the Waitsfield/Warren area.

        2. re: TurtleTim

          The Common Man is a fine dining restaurant near Sugarbush Ski area in Warren, VT. on German Flats Road. Well worth the trip. Located in an old barn with a cozy fireplace in the dining room. Wonderful food.

          1. re: noodlepoodle

            Yes - Common Man is excellent. We had a wonderful dinner there and it was extremely comfortable after a long, cold day skiing. A large room, but surprisingly intimate with a warm, crackling fire and excellent service. Very good wine list.

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              warren store is still good for sandwiches, esp yummy breakfast burritos...The Little Donut Shop is sadly no longer there, but rumor has it the yummy bites of maple goodness are available at the movie theater in waitsfield!

              1. re: jlo

                The Green Cup serves dinner on the weekend and it was wonderful when we tried it last year. it is tiny, cozy and the food was creative and very good. american flatbread is really fun with terrific thin crust pizza, but you really have to queue up early (4:30) to be sure you'll get in at a reasonable time.

                Green Cup Cafe
                40 Bridge St, Waitsfield, VT 05673

        3. I'm not sure why a 2002 post became current again, but seems as though some updates are in order.

          The Small Donut Company has indeed moved to the Big Picture Theater & Cafe in Irasville. The Cafe serves great breakfast, lunch and dinners -- fresh local foods -- menus on the web here:

          The Green Cup is also an excellent choice -- the dinners are exceptional and change with the seasons. Check them out here:

          American Flatbread is still going strong. They sold the frozen flatbread business and now focus only on the restaurant with expanded hours -- Thursday through Sunday evenings.

          The 1824 House changed hands and their restaurant -- the Barn Door -- is a great addition to the Valley. Like Flatbread and Big Picture, they are very into the local food movement and highlight area farms on their menu. They are on Route 100 a mile or two north of Waitsfield Village.

          The Pitcher Inn in Warren Village is also a great special occasion joint but, unlike 2002, they serve a casual dinner in the Downstairs Tracks Room (pub). The menu is limited but very well prepared, and the atmosphere and wine list make it worth the trip:

          For very casual (counter service) or take out, Michael's Good to Go -- located next to Mehuron's Market in Irasville -- has been reborn as the Mad Taco. Excellent tacos and they will hopefully open a small tap-room soon:

          Purple Moon/Easy Street are still a good breakfast or lunch, and a decent pub dinner.

          Unfortunately the Millbrook Inn on Route 17 has closed their restaurant.

          I don't spend much time up op on the Mountain, but the Common Man and Timbers (in the Sugarbush base lodge) are both said to be good. Others have described the shopping (Mehuron's for most things, including seafood, meats and wine, Shaw's to supplement the fruits and veggies, andSweet peas for some local organic veggies and health food (and take out lunch).

          Stay away from Local Folks Smokehouse BBQ and the Hyde Away Lodge -- both are dumps with poor food and service. All of the Valley pizza places (excluding flatbread) are pretty bad, as is the Chinese takeout

          Millbrook Inn & Restaurant
          RR 17, Waitsfield, VT 05673

          American Flatbread
          46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

          Green Cup Cafe
          40 Bridge St, Waitsfield, VT 05673

          Barn Door Restaurant - Events Only
          VT-100, Waitsfield, VT 05673

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          1. re: Dave S.

            The Hyde and Smokehouse are the 2 most popular places in Sugarbush, and Morganna has given the Smokehouse very high marks.

            1. re: Treehugger

              Also, Smokehouse now set up as taproom with 24 drafts from around U.S. and Europe. Even some cask lagers from Trapp Lodge.

              1. re: Treehugger

                As a long time Mad River Valley resident, I must strongly (and with great amusement) disagree that the Local Folks Smokehouse and Hyde Away are the "most popular" places in the Valley. I have not seen more than 10 people at smokehouse in 2 years, and Hyde Away's local reputation is, well, not anywhere near "best" of anything.

                1. re: Dave S.

                  Well, I didn't jump in to argue. I think you're picks are great, but I just didn't see casual dinner getting much consideration. Hyde Away lot was full yesterday after skiing, and every table was filled at the Smokehouse when I went in. The staff is almost all new since a year ago, so maybe a better experience now

                2. re: Treehugger

                  Not me! I've never been to Smokehouse that I recall. :)

                  1. re: Morganna

                    Oops, I apologize Morganna. Different person/forum.

                3. re: Dave S.

                  Just wanted to chime in with a big recommendation for Mad Taco's located in Village Square in Waitsfield by Mehuron's market - - I've tried over half dozen of their items and I just keep wanting to go back. A huge surprise hidden away in Mad River Valley. One of the biggest draws is their self service selection of salsas. They usually have at least a half dozen or more unique, fresh house made salsas in numbered squirt bottles with a whiteboard telling you the ingredients and heat rating - from traditional salsa verde to habanero carrot and whole bunch in between. These guys are specializing in porcine goodness by putting the big smoker out front to good use (they even sell house smoked meats like bacon and bacon wrapped pork loin by the pound). Their Carnitas, al pastor, achiote chicken, and pork belly tacos are crazy good - fresh ingredients made to order with good attention to detail - make sure to put the salsas to good use. If you are expecting Taco Bell then you will be sorely disappointed as they use doubled up soft corn tortillas for their tacos (2 tacos per serving). This past weekend was first time I saw a "beef" option (being vermont it was of course local & grass fed) on menu but I was swayed by the "pork belly confit" taco special even though I walked in intent on a tasty vegetarian option (was going to have tasty roasted squash + black bean taco). Also offer seitan option for vegetarians. Tried a carnitas sandwich for the long ride home which was very good but I had to pull over as it was not a drive & eat option. Tortilla soup was very good and when I asked if they ever made black bean soup they said no problem as they usually have all needed ingredients on hand - just call ahead. Bought a green chile tamale to reheat at home and it was very good. I've seen a lot of people getting the fish tacos and will have to try them despite my psycho aversion to buying fish more than an hour from the sea. They have a few kids options like cheese quesadillas & pizza. The quesadillas are made with real oaxaca melting cheese. Still have to try their cuban sandwich and burritos. Unsure of combining Kimchi & smoked pork in a taco but I'm willing to give it a shot with these guys. Make sure to check the specials, there is always something interesting. Not cheap prices but high quality ingredients. Not much in the way of seating or atmosphere and it is not "fast food" so if there is a crowd expect to wait - it's all about the food.

                  The Mad Taco
                  2 Village Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

                  1. re: Dave S.

                    Great update of the Mad River Valley. I would add that anyone visiting the Valley stop at Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex (at exit 9). Great bakery - great coffee.


                  2. I used this thread to guide some of my dining decisions this past weekend, and thought I'd add to the conversation...

                    We had planned to have dinner at Timbers, but ended up there for lunch while skiing instead. The food was very good, although all we had were sandwiches, a salad and a wonderful fresh made hummus plate with good olives and real caper berries. Not exactly the test for a restaurant like that, but they did a good job. On another note, the restaurant is in a 45 foot high circluar room with exposed wood beams / supports. Unlike anything I've ever seem, and really cool to look at while you eat.

                    While exploring that evening we happened upon Mint in Waitsfield and decided to check it out based on the menu, which was vegatarian with several vegan options. Not my typical style, but it was awesome food. I had the Aloo Ghobi which was a huge spicy portion of the Indian cauliflower and potato dish. My wife had a "Sproutada" which was a multlayered veggie version of a tostada complete with tahini dressed greens and sprouts on top. Everything we had was flavorful and hearty. I would highly recommend it. Not sure why it wasn't mentioned in any of the other comments - seemed like a shining example of creative veggie food.

                    We also ate at Green Cup for lunch on our way out of town, and were very impressed by the locavore menu and tasty dishes. I had mini burgers on a baguette with local cheddar, and my wife had granola with fresh fruit. The place was packed for a Monday lunch, which leads me to believe we're not the only ones who think their menu is excellent.

                    One knock - the coffee (from a plastic urn like you'd find at a gas station) at Green Cup was bitter and aweful. It appeared that most people were getting some kind of coffee drink, so it was in poor form that they wouldn't have fresh and excellent coffee available when that was their focus. Regardless, we'll be back for the food and to give them a second chance on the drinks.

                    Green Cup Cafe
                    40 Bridge St, Waitsfield, VT 05673