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Dec 9, 2002 08:52 AM

German in Connecticut

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Has anyone tried the East Side German Restaurant in New Britain, CT? Any opinions?
I'm looking for recommendations on German restaurants in Connecticut, preferably located in the northern or central part of the state.

Thank you for any advice.

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  1. I haven't tried East Side, but I have been to Glockenspiel in Higganum. I'm not much of a German foods buff, but they had some interesting game dishes, lots of sausage, decent potato pancakes. Disappointing spaetzle, though. Atmosphere of Bavarian kitsch.

    1. Have been to the Eastside many times. It's not particularly creative but the food has always been good and I have never left hungry which I have found is not always the case in German restaurants.
      I particularly enjoy their Jaegerschnitzel. Meals come complete from appetizers to dessert and run about $20.

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        I've decided to go with East Side. I'll post some feedback on the experience sometime next week.

        Thanks for the advice, everyone.

        1. re: Mancs

          Just a short bit of feedback...
          I took my guest to the East Side. He wanted something a bit kitschy, with live music, and straight-ahead German food and it fit the bill. I'm not an expert on German food by a long shot, but my friend who is a bit more experienced seemed to think the food was fairly good. The service was friendly and quick. The full course meals are a good deal at about $17-23, but some of the more popular dessert items are extra. The place seems to be quite popular, so reservations are recommended, as is getting there a bit early to allow time to find a parking space (we had to park some distance away).
          Thanks again for the recommendations.

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            "The full course meals are a good deal at about $17-23"

            I love Tickey Tockey (East Side), but this is not an accurate price point. The main courses have gone up to the middle to upper $20's, and the big beers are about $15 I believe. You don't really get out of there for less than $45 per person generally. I think you pretty much get what you pay for entertainment wise and atmosphere wise....the food is solid. But, it's starting to get close. Nick (the owner) doesn't seem to do the tickey tockey yells as much anymore....a younger man who I think is his son does it now. The accordian player is great as always.

            Student Prince is excellent. Worth going for sure.

            1. re: MacshashRIP

              <<"The full course meals are a good deal at about $17-23">>
              Well, it probably was an accurate range back in 2002 when Mancs wrote it. ;)

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        Win (Boston)

        Since you mentioned Northern CT, Springfield, MA is close.

        You might enjoy The Student Prince. It's been around for years, family run...



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          Love the Student Prince in Massachusetts, and enjoy the Hoffbreau House in Massachusetts as well. Good German food. East Side is good too. Hoffbreau is a bit more formal, Student Prince is casual.

          1. re: RoCT

            I didn't really enjoy the Hoffbreau haus. The food was not great and it was overpriced. I had a veal shank dinner that was a special and it was 36.00. It was dry and portion was small. Very Disappointed. I recommend the Munich Haus in Chicopee, Ma

          2. re: Win (Boston)

            Another vote for The Student Prince. Superb!

            There's no comparison. East Side is entertaining, the food's indeed straight-ahead but nothing special. Huge bowls full of side dishes, however. Some have complained that it's expensive.

            Forget the Glockenspiel in Higganum.

          3. it's not northern or central ct, but Old Heidelberg in Bethel is excellent.

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                Old Heidelberg is so good that I drive 40 min. from Woodbridge to get there multipe times a year. The waitstaff is German, the food is authentic, the beer is great, atmosphere is perfect whether you are inside or out in the beer garden. GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!

              2. Not a German restaurant as such, but the Hopkins Inn on Lake Waramaug has several German dishes (and beers) on the menu. I almost went for the Weiner schnitzel, but switched to the Sourbraten with red cabbage at the last minute. The spaetzle were just a bit dry, but applying a little gravy fixed that, and the rest of the meal was good. DW (non deutsch) had a very colorful mango shrimp dish. Garden salad had only one variety of lettuce, but house dressing was interesting.