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Nov 15, 2002 02:55 PM

Romanian? restaurant in Enfield CT?

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Back in the Spring of this year, there was some discussion on this board of a Romanian restaurant
in Enfield CT.

I believe it was called Sophie's or Sofia's.

Can anyone confirm the name and maybe supply an address
or direction. Something a little more specific than "Enfield" would be helpful.

I've tried directory assistance and they keep referring
me to Sofia's Italian Restaurant in East Windsor CT.

Thanks very much for any help you may be able to offer.
If I can locate it, several of us are planning to take a Romanian-born colleague to dinner and I'll send a review.

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  1. It's actually called Silvia's International Gourmet, though it was referred to as Sophia's on the thread below. I haven't been there. If you go, will you report back?

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    1. re: lucia

      28 Pleasant Street, Enfield

      1. re: lucia

        Silvia's is fantastic! good and cheap.

    2. I've been there. Good, tasty eastern European food in gigantic portions. Fun and cheap. Plan on running 5 miles the next day just to break even.

        1. re: depeters22

          I went to the site above and it went to some site on back pain. :-b

          This is the correct Web site for Silvia's:


          1. re: hiddenboston

            The website (minus the period after the .com) appears to be the more up-to-date website than the one listed directly above. It lists events happening in November, as well as a slightly different menu (with higher prices).

            The restaurant used to have a lunch deal where people with disabilities would get free food or a very reduced price lunch one or two days a week.

            1. re: JudgeMaven

              We went there earlier this year - the food was delicious (and the portions quite substantial), but the service was terrible.....

        2. Silvia's is great. It's in Enfield. They serve Eastern European food and it is delicious, authentic and the portions are very generous. A little pricey but the atmosphere is warm and comfy too and the Romanian wine is great so it is worth it. Sometimes the place looks like it is closed but they will cook for you, just go in anyway.