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Oct 9, 2002 02:28 PM

Mystic again

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I did a quick search but I have a hard time on some boards with freezing and every time I read certain Mystic threads, it happens again. Looking for a fun mid priced spot w/ good seafood. Not family oriented, not a shack but not super fancy, in the $14-24 range. We'll be there Oct. 19 and it seems like the place is jammed, is there some big event? Tons of hotels are already booked so I want to make sure we find a good dinner spot. Are there fun bars around or is that in New London? Should we definitely stay in Mystic as opposed to NL, Groton, etc.? Also, if you have a suggestion for a good scenic drive from Boston and eating spots along the way, that'd be cool. Thanks in advance.

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  1. By all means, try the Lighthouse Inn in New London. It's recently become home to talented and popular local chef Tim Grills. Nice location, right on the Sound.

    1. Here's their dinner menu--does this sound like you??


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        Thanks for the menu. I think we're gonna try to walk to a restaurant right in Mystic tho. Is Anthony J's Bistro any good? Or the S&P Oyster Company? Altho that looks very traditional and possibly kid oriented. (Not that I have anything against kids, just looking for a more fun and/or hip atmosphere.)

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          anthony j's is an o.k. italian restaurant but bravo,bravo is much better. both are a block from the flagpole near the drawbridge in mystic.